Sunday, December 4, 2016

We REALLY Need Direct Energy Weapon Control Law

I had said it over and over in my blog about Direct Energy Weapon Control Law. We really need it since there are criminal individuals and organizations have got the DE weapons in hands and used it as anti-personnel weapons to assault and murder innocent people without facing the consequence and  justified.

There have been countless DEW victims out there crying for help and public and law enforcement/ justice system turned their head away.

I am not here to judge whether military research labs and private weapon developers should continue their research  and create even more dangerous and uncontrollable deadly weapons. I am talking about what is next!?

Let's face the fact that some corrupt officials who associated with those DEW developed facilities had either leaking the secret formats of DEW or sold DEW to criminal organizations or private weapon dealers already. Hence, countless DEW victims complained about it. Not to mention that victims who never even acknowledged that they had been victims of DEW but eventually turned deadly ill and died.

Currently, no law enforcement/justice system/ intelligent agency would take DEW complain cases because there are no such thing as Direct Energy Weapon in the law. Other than some laser pointers user regulation talking about not pointing the laser beam at air crafts, eyes and children.

Sure, there are regulation about DEW only used by military but no law enforcement or security system. Nevertheless, DEW tech already wild spreading among private weapon developers and even individuals. Just go to YouTube and search for laser pointer you will see young kids using their own home made laser beam burning objects.

Can you imagine what drug cartels' or MAFIA's private weapon factor could do about DEW?!

Let's push congress/house Representative to make the direct energy weapon control law. Not that it can stop any further criminal case of illegally using DEW as anti-personnel weapon but because with this law existing, so the law enforcement/justice system/intelligent agency can handle DEW assaulting, murdering case with legal procedures and no longer could ignore victims of DEW in the future!

My previous posts about direct energy weapon control law:

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A Real Life Example Of Obscurantism: DE Weapon That Most People Don't Know About

 I almost gave up on this article when I first saw the laser beam in the picture! Yet the caption changed my mind.

Silent, invisible, deadly: The weapon that could change warfare (New York Poster 12/27/2015)

“...AFSOC intends to use directed energy, DE, weapons for anti-materiel purposes, not anti-personnel,” said Bill Lane, chief of strike and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance requirements for AFSOC. “DE weapons, like all weapons, must comply with the principles of proportionality, discrimination and avoidance of unnecessary suffering. Current DOD policy states that DE weapons intended to cause irreversible effects are not authorized for counter-personnel use....

The law also forbids drug dealing, trafficking, and distribution. Drug dealers are still running around everywhere with their luxury sport cars! The law forbids murdering yet there are more than ten thousands murdering cases every year in the U.S.A.

Now, I complained to law enforcement and post every details of my personal victimized experience and the photos of suspects and the suspects' photos who using unauthorized new developed weapon that would cause me irreversible effects. BUT EVERYBODY THINKS I AM A PARANOIA PSYCHOPATH!

Why people don't realize that Direct Energy Weapons isn't just a fantasy in science fiction movies, IT'S REAL but not ready for air force or any other military warfare just yet. Nevertheless, in my case, obviously, there are some rich and powerful organizations who have bought the latest developed DEW tech from corrupt officials and has used it as anti-personnel fire arm, ILLEGALLY!

If it's not criminal organizations who OWN the illegal DE weapons assaulting me, it must be corrupt officials or the military research lab running a human experiment on me in order to improve their DEW's "anti-personnel" function!

I knew FBI have more knowledge regarding military research lab and it was the reason I skipped the local law enforcement and went for FBI directly. However, FBI pretended they know NOTHING about DE weapons and refused to investigate my case.

I don't believe FBI didn't know DE weapon is already out there and criminals using to assault innocent individuals! It's not just that FBI don't investigate military or any private research labs' unethical human experiments, but also because there's no DE weapons' victims could make a case out of "systematic corruption". Hence, FBI turned their head away from my crying for help!

A news reporter knew it and military personnel didn't try to cover up or hide the  DE weapon information from public, but somehow, most law enforcement, justice system, and even majority mass media trying to deny the fact but keep manipulating public with obscurity intend reports and criticized on victims of DE weapon like this...


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Obscurantism: The Road To Dictatorship

First thing first, we need to know what obscurantism is!

 Obscurantism (Wikipedia Link)
It's a bit too much information for me, I prefer the one from Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

North Korea, the only true dictatorial nation of the entire world in 21st Century.
How could it survived in this information overloaded world? Here's article to explain it.

North Korea, a master of information manipulation and confusion (CBC NEWS)
Propaganda and media control in North Korea  (Washington State University)

How does Kim Jong Un manipulate the citizens of North Korea? (Quora, social media)
Those are 3 links of article written and post by 3 different groups, corporate media, academic research report, and social media. So we could have more clear ideas about what is dictatorship!  

Things changed after 911, especially after the Financial crisis of 2007-2008. People should be aware of it and keep it in mind, even if you are a disable person retired from working place.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Serenity Won't Save You From Being Set On Fire!

It's my humble & useless wisdom told me,  BEING SET ON FIRE isn't something about whether  I CAN or CAN'T change but I MUST FIGHT IT OFF!

Edit: 8:40 PM 12/02/2016:

Yeah, you can safely say that Dr. Eric Christopher Stone is doing his research for LAC/USC Medical Center on me! That M*^)&* burned the hack out me this afternoon!

Just in case if any cyber army or any troll who try to sabotage me by laughing and telling me off like this laser pointer specialist:

He wrote:

"... If the harassment is mysterious or well-organized: Occasionally we get emails or calls from people who are sure they are being deliberately targeted over a long period of time, by angry neighbors or agencies such as the CIA. They clearly feel effects, but their symptoms are often inexplicable by normal means. For example, laser beams have gone through solid walls and they can feel heat on their skin..."

ME: It doesn't need to get a ROCKET SCIENTIST to answer his question:

 That's the good thing about High Volt Laser Pointer, you don't need to set the entire building on fire just to burn ONE PERSON!

He later added this explanation after I wrote an article to argue his misguiding example above! (Misguiding after misguiding...he probably is one of 711th of the "CYBERSPACE" division?! )

"...At, we are not experts in any directed energy, other than visible lasers. The light from visible lasers can be seen with the eye and can be recorded by a video camera. A visible laser’s light can be blocked by anything that also blocks conventional light, such as a solid curtain or a wall... "

Why do you think those "criminals" would used "A VISIBLE LASER LIGHT" to harass/assault other people? If they wanted be seen while they assaulting others, they might as well use any  traditional fire arms which would be much faster and more power to them! 


Another Message Boards Invaded By 711th Is Down!

 The future of their relationship is presumed, JYPE's Paid Trolls (or 711th's CYBERSPACE RESEARCHERS?!) are all over there! After I exposed it in my blog, it's been down for longer than 3 days!

 It looks like the board owner is going to wipe the original message boards out and create a new one! 

 Not surprised at all! This message boards will be wiped out just like and where tons of cyber army's creating accounts were!

The details I post in another article:
Internet Censorship For Individuals? Only Corrupt Officials Have The Power To Do So!
*in case cyber army will remove the link sneakily!*

As expected, whatever message boards I have visited regularly and frequently, there would be tons of 711th (or cyber army) flooding in and doing online harassment in order to synergy their counterparts' in person assaulting performance.

Unlike the two other message boards, &, I didn't have an account at and never made a sound but just be a silent reader. So there no online debates which could be a big disappointment to 711th! But 711th ain't no idle hand, they would instruct JYPE to get their girl group and all their artist to post something to "synergy" their counterparts' in persona assaulting.

Let me show you how 711th Human Performance Wing Synergy their cyberspace mission with their real world one:

For example if the stalker living above, Dr. Eric Stone of LAX/USC Medical Center, performing their "hair lost research" on me by using high-volt of laser beam pointing at my scalp while I was in deep sleep to cause me hair lost. 711th will ask JYPE's girl post something which to others might seem funny and cute but it was a sign to me what Dr. Stone's next performance and doing the RESEARCH on me.

 On the right: a photo of my scalp taking on 12/12/2015 when I first sensed my scalp had been burned by unusual heat. the photo one the right was taken on 12/24/2015 2 weeks later, my scalp was burned server and caused hair lost.

 the photo post by JYPE's girl group member at the lower photo were post on 11/26/2016 

After I post my hair lost result in 2 week, 711th got the whole group of girls post the same hair do just to mock me
 See the snipping shot date at the right lower corner 12/24/2015

Example 2:

 I post the photos about my feet got burned by laser beam while I was in deep sleep (of course, performed by the "graveyard shift" Dr. Eric Stone again!)

This is what 711th made JYPE's girls post in

711th will keep posting one member who claimed to love pig feet.
 Like that, when the MOMO girl eating PIG FEET or just post some pig feet photos, I knew I need to protect my feet while I was sleep! Yeah, people might think its funny until their got burned by DEW! You can do nothing about it even though you know exactly which a**hole did it to you! There's Direct Energy Weapon for you!

Example 3:

If you ever read my older post, I post some photos that my abdomen was injured by laser beam, again while I was in sleep and Dr. Stone did it to me.

Guess what 711th made the girl to mock me at THIS!
 Uhmm! You get it?! I got it  and this was the results of how strong power of laser beam is to dent the material board that I used to protect my abdomen.

 There's no way I could dent a material board like that without scratching the surface of the board. It was dented by high volt of Laser Beam (aka, DEW!)

Once, they were doing the eye damage test on me. Yap, laser beam on my eyes while I was sleep. I needed to wear suntan goggles when I was sleeping at that time. This was what 711th and JYPE girls post photos for me!

 Ooops! 711th's account is exposed! No worry! They could create thousands account in one day! 

Not to mention my recent neck injured. 
The True Result Of My Neck DEW Assault That AFRL Wants

Got DEW Shot Right On My Neck and Chest While I Was In Sleep

Well, this time, 711th got a boy group doing the mocking job: 

 I need to mention that this boy's group had hit song's title "FIRE"!
Yap, the boy group has been collaborating with JYPE and the corrupt agency. You can see how powerful and rich this organization is!

Finally, about a year ago, they were almost melting my knees which nearly crippled me. And this was a GIF from 711th posting on JYPE's girl group fan tread at 

There are some really strong and NICE public employees in your AFRL 711th Human Performance Wing. They sure know how to preform an old woman with walker beating show! You must be very proud of your country!

So, that's how needs to be taken down! Too many 711th's creating accounts and too many tracking trails left over! Just like and

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Serenity & Resilence: Facing & Focus on the Reality

After opened the Pandora Box, I found that its not something I can touch, not to mention trying to change it! I need to focus on the reality and face the instigator, my old crush who put me through this mess!

Pry that I could resilient from all the chaos and find a way to deal with Fergus M. who started all this conspiracy crime instead of dealing with me through justice system!  

I was indeed wrong of borderline stalking him years ago out of ignorance and my slightly Asperger syndrome that disable my social normal function. Nevertheless, I learned my  lesson and I always know from right to wrong!

Here's my plan, I will wait patiently to let Fergus and his wife resolved the problem first. They started it, they clean and close it! The deed is done, the doers undone!

Even if I was guilty as charge as a dangerous stalker so they demanded justified. Look at my blogs' videos and photos with those horrible physical burned and those stalkers around for longer than 3 years! Haven't I been punished enough? Any other stalker got more server sentence than I have had? Ever seen any prisoner getting physical torture like I have? I believe I have paid my due if it's all about justified!

Now I only focus on my two most important live evidences, Ok Taecyeon and Fergus M. One awaken me and the other one put me into this mess.

Of course, Fergus M. might be just like Ok Taecyeon, who were contacted to be the Devil's advocate and collaborated with the criminal organization which physical torturing me. Then, military research lab/unethical human experimentation  and Arcadia Mental Health Center will remain in the picture. 

If they keep burning me to do their experiment on DEW test or any other research, I will keep fighting until the end with the four subjects I have mentioned above. However, I leave the rest to elites and activists. I need to pick up the right battlefield to fight with!

Pry that I won't need to fight anymore!  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mission Accomplished Or Mission Failed? 711th Wiped Out JYPE's PaidTroll Message Boards

I mentioned in my previous post that 711th's cyber army has been working with their subcontractor, JYPE's fan site, after I started visiting it regularly.

Now, after I exposed 711th's cyber army's recent active site, it has been down ever since. Not sure if it's a good thing for me or not! Was it because other hackers trying to track down 711ths? Or was 711ths trying to wipe out their path so no one else can tracking them and leave no evidence?

 JYPE's paid troll message boards has been down the day after I exposed it. 

 Its official twitter site explained what was going on with their message boards.
 Like 711th did to and two message boards where I had post very detailing stories about me and Fergus (anonymously,tho,) the fat cat old crush.  I had countless online debates with his cyber army almost right after every post I made. There're lots, lots of evidence and tracking paths in those two message boards if they didn't completely wipe them out.

I believe those cyber armies are doing the same thing to now! I wouldn't be too surprised if they "upgraded" into this V.2 form or DISQUS!

This former the last and only moderator should be one of the cyber army, or at least, has been recruited and knew what was going on with the original message boards.

Calls it just another coincidence, my old crush's then girlfriend,the one who called the police on me for talking to her beau, her family/middle name initiate is "K". 

I don't think this former moderator is my old crush's lady, tho. Yet, this cyber army seemed knowing my old crush's extended family very well! She obviously had some sort of connection with my old crush, business or not!