Tuesday, February 21, 2017

They Using Gamma Ray DEW Attacking an Innocent Disable Citizen

Under all the iron board shield me from DEW attacking, DEW still hurt me for the most of time. Here's video of my iron board shelter how I try to protect myself by sitting and sleeping under iron boards.

Sorry about the video quality. Thanks to my decade old cellphone camera and Google+ YouTube's censorship blurting. Here's the video I took that my 3 layers of iron boards been dented by the DEW while they injured my neck.

Sorry, it was much clear BEFORE Google+YouTube blurted the videos. They obviously have been collaborating with the corrupt agency!

Anyway, so you can tell that they have been using a very powerful direct energy weapon with either Gama or stronger radiation to attacking me due to the image of types of radiation and penetration.

After years of this type of radiation DEW attacking every  most of time every day, I would guess my body will be like a mini walking nuclear power plant If I go near by any radiation detector.

Unfortunately, this manufacturer's product isn't made for poor civilians like me. Even the smallest product is crazy expensive and probably couldn't detect the type of radiation the corrupt agency using toward me.

 FLIR R100

Not sure what I should do next step to protect myself from being stab in the heart by DEW consistently and persistently from every angels of my neighbors. I really don't know who I should contact and asking for help!

Thanks, Dr. Eric Stone, if it's his real identity! I will never forget your face, Stone!

Heart Attacking- The Final Stage Of DEW Assassinate Human Experiement

It's 2:45 AM Pacific Time on 02/21/2017. I was trying to sleep with layers of iron board shields to protect me as always. It looks crazy and extremely uncomfortable! Mostly, those iron boards can't completely seal me from DEW which developed by the world top notch rocky scientists. I still got hurt most of time. But what can I do? I a just trying to live!

Yet, my chest was burning. It wasn't painful but I have chest stuffiness every time I breath. They have been trying to attacking my chest every now and then. However, they never really "directly" attack my heart! They have been attacking my heart! Now, the corrupt agency really want to kill me by making it like a nature cause.  Obliviously, they have been waiting for me to gain weight to my current obesity level so no one would doubt that I had a real "heart attack" caused by nature! Who would have thought that it was in fact murdered by DEW?

 Why I am so sure it's not nature cause, not even 0.01% possible? Because the sink irritation (red dot mark as always after DEW attacking.) Especially, the part of my rib cage is painful when I put a slight pressure on it. DEW couldn't just damage my heart without burning my skin and the rib cage above it! Any one ever heard a heart attacking patient also had the "surface" of heart damaged at the same time if it's a nature cause?

What they are trying to do is damage my heart little by little till one day any small part of my heart really burned by DEW and I will be dead! I could safely tell that it's the final stage of the entire prolonged human DEW assassinate experiment. From now on all they need is time and patient!

Edit: Due to a photo of my chest is  inappropriate to show in a public blog, I won't upload a too obvious photo that prove it's indeed a skin reddish dot injury of my chest. Therefore, I won't upload a chest injured video nor a complete injured chest skin photo here but just the skin reddish part! However, I will keep it everywhere as an evidence in case if anyone start investigate my case.

 The red dot is actually an old wound but it got worse after they started attacking my chest(heart) it was right between where my heart near by! See those small reddish dot which makes my skin look like well done chicken skin! Yeah, that's DEW attacking result as reference if anyone get attacked by DEW (I believe Google will later blurt the photo as always, tho!)

Every thing the corrupt agency had done to my body is just a preparation for this final heart attacking stage! Who would have thought an obesity middle age woman died in heart attack was not caused by nature but a DEW assassination? 

This operation had been well planned by the corrupt agency for a very long time. For sure that I wasn't just a target of criminal organization for hire as the corrupt agency trying to manipulate into.

From the time, money, and manpower they had been using on me, a nobody disable middle age woman, I just don't worthy to deserve all the torment all these years!
Perhaps, not my old flame, not KPOP, they just couldn't afford and I don't see our grudge is well worthy for them to do so even if they really want me dead. It's the corrupt agency which usually did the assassination (you know which!) 

I am just a "test drive", an unethical human experiment, to exam how well and how long to execute the DEW assassination that they can get away from murdering any one they want without facing consequence in the future. They are coming for you, the rich and powerful people if you let them get away from torturing and killing their human experiments now!

Why they took so long to kill me, then?! Good question! Because, they don't really necessary want to kill me, I am not a dangerous criminal nor spy or victim of criminal organization hired to kill! I am a piece of LIVE MEAT which they are trying to get the best out of. They might not able to find a second one after me!

This is why they took so long...to kill me like cause by nature but not accident! Killing someone like accident is no longer persuasive and not consequence free if the victim already had pointed finger at suspect before they were murdered.

How? First, making me gain weight to the obesity level! Then, heart attack death would come to nature soon or later!

Attacking my knees, foot, and leg muscles to disable me  from exercise or simply walking around which I did a lot before my knees being destroyed by DEW! This is a basic and a side way to make me gaining weight!

Meanwhile, they have been attacking all my endocrine system regularly and routinely yet tried not to be too burning hot to cause caution. They tried to stimulate or irritate my endocrine system either can easily caused cancer or weight gaining. Of course, for their best wish as the result of causing cancer, but weight gaining to obesity level is even better! 

The Endocrine System and Your Weight

I had mentioned in my previous post about where I just got attacked by DEW regularly. Other than my knees, foot and joints ( in order to paralyze me), all the endocrine glands they have attacked regularly! I didn't mention it all the time because it's was mostly just some small skin irritation and reddish after attacked and the photo won't serve the justice.

 For example, I felt my two temples got attack almost every other day. Now, after online research, I found there were a major endocrine gland, Pineal Gland. I had a post regarding temples attacked by DEW here:  Midnight Attack By X-Ray Like DEW 

The recent neck attacking which I had made a big fuzz in my blog, not only the front of my neck. They also attacking me through my back! Amy Garica and her boyfriend, who is the one working for the corrupt agency directly and I could never get his photo, did a good job.

Got DEW Shot Right On My Neck and Chest While I Was In Sleep  

Now, The Corrupt AFRL Is experimenting My Neck For Hyperthyroidism/Thyroid Cancer?

NO, It Isn't Just "Folliculitis" Or Any Other Skin Irritation On The Back Of My Neck

 I always complained about they kept attacking my abdomen area while I was sleep or sat still. It's my pancreas they are trying to ruin as well as my ovaries!

Here are some posts I made about my abdomen area got injured by DEW from time to time when the wound is oblivious to view.

 Evidences Of Being Victimized By Higher Power Laser Gun (small Directed Energy Weapon) 

How Did KPOP Got Into This AFRL's Human Experiment Mess 

DEW Slow Cook Your Silent Organs To Cause Cancer- The High Tech New Murdering Method In 21st Century

About the reproductive system's endocrine gland damage, I recalled that  I had been under attack by DEW as early as 2011 while I still lived in the apartment in Arcadia. I didn't know I was being victimized by DEW then, tho. I always thought it was a nature cause.

Here's what I experienced:
I had unusual pain around my waste to the level that I could hardly get out of bed or bend down. I was a very healthy woman when it comes to bone strucktures. I have been taking multuiply vitimine since I was in my late 20's. Never giving birth so no fetus eating out of my body. Never got injury in my life. Not crzay about exercise but did mild excercise most of time.
I knew I had mild Uterine fibroids issue which is the main reason that I never have child. I don't really care for it since it's mild issue and I don't really want any child.  The time I suddenly had back issue wasn't normal and it last for a very long time. My lower abdmen part became hard and huge as if I was 4 or 5 month pragrant. So I went to the doctor for exam! My doctor ordered me to take an abdominal ultrasound exam. The result was my uterine fibroid size bigger than my fist and had many of them.

Now, I recalled it, the most suspicious part was that all my back pain and sore were all gone suddenly right after the ultrasound result came out! I didn't take any pain killer or any prescription from doctor. I was overweight but not obesity. I guess they stopped DEW attacking my back and lower abdomen because it wasn't to get the result they wanted- making me gaining lots of weight.

As a result, I didn't accept doctor's suggestion to do hysterectomy right away because the back pain was gone all the suddenly ever since. I did it about two years later, I was worry the huge fibroid might turn into cancer and its size and hardness made me extremely uncomfortable.

Hence, so you can see! My life is in dangerous situation. Here's a couple videos as bonus to ended my post!

A very "HEARTY" provoking MV from JYPE, as always, sync with the corrupt agency's DEW assassinate human experiment strategy every step!  

The other bonus video was taken this morning when I found I had one more company!

 I was up editing my blog from 3AM till next day morning. I found I got a few of companies during but not just Dr. Stone or Amy Garcia.

Around 5 AM this morning (02/21/2017), the stalker of next apartment (the stalkers wall) has his light on all the time till he found me taking a video of its window. He immediately turned it off!

My question is how did he know I was taking a video of his window if he or his counterpart stalkers didn't watch me all the time?

I am done for today! I will edit later if there's something more I find related to this post!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Unusual Event- The Small Talk Between Landlord & Stalker

Around 7:35 PM on 02/20/2017

The landlord, Mr. Yee, and Dr. Eric Christopher Stone, was talking at the small alley  between my apartments and the next just outside of my kitchen window. They were talking like co-worker about job, hospital, and some woman (...she...her...). I don't think landlord and Dr. Stone should know any woman in common other than Amy Garcia and I .  I couldn't hear them well. It's not something normal. Hence, I post it here as a record as unusual event.

Just write down as part of journey.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Very Bold Threat From JYPE, The Corrupt Agency's Advocate

Ring a bell?! I take it as a threat, as always, from JYPE
The newest released MV teaser from JYPE's puppet girl group just a day before.

 Does that mean I will encounter the corrupt agency's cover agents or their crime counterparts in front of my door or in my house anytime soon!?

Now, no matter how their cyber army trying to manipulate into or patronize me and the rest of the world that it's just ANOTHER coincidence and I am just a paranoid psycho path, a threat is a threat is a threat  which they have been doing to me for years!

Humm, I will also assume it's their way to tell their SPONSOR to get their money ready and pay! Buying loads of crappy albums from some JYPE's girl group!

Just imagining every darn cyber army, informer, and cover agent of the corrupt agency got knocking on the door for this delivery:

The arts of cough!.. money... cough! laundering cough!....

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The War With JYPE/Ok Taecyeon Is Coming Back As Winter just Left!

Ok Taecyeon's agency JYPE has been collaborating with the corrupt agency playing the role of their advocate and scapegoat since Oct. 2013, as I finally got the clue from Ok Taecyeon''s Twitter. I have written a detail description in my previous post
How & Why The Criminal Organization Hired JYP/Ok Taecyeon As Devils' Advocate (Their Scapegoat)

As the only "popular" idol group owned by JYPE, TWICE, is coming back within a week. This over-achieving (as most KPOP industry and fans' unexpected successful) girl group is making another "kill" again! NO, not just me being killing! The corrupt agency would agree with it! 

Yes, the DEW burn from the corrupt agency's prolonged stalkers is killing me but it never really stop just because I turned quiet! But winter's cold temperature did cool down the heat of DEW during their attacking toward my body.

 Now, JYPE is trying to suck the blood out of the corrupt agency by another comeback in next week. Somehow, I wonder if JYPE posting those suggesting DEW victimzed photos are some sort of "blackmailing" the corrupt agency instead of just being hired to threaten target individuals (like me?!) Who on the earth would pay so much money just to irritate their rival?!

For example, this is a photo and a video post by JYPE's paid troll today!

If you have read my previous post about how my neck and chest got burned by DEW even if under layers of iron boards shields, you know what point JYPE trying to make   of this stage performance. 

 MELTING! Ring a bell?!

Their paid troll also revealed that a song called "MELTING" will be in the lineups of this comeback! If you still call me a crazy paranoia psycho path, you are either one of their cyber army or you are just in denial! 

Of course, I know it's their big boss, and the boss's boss ordered! I believe those kids didn't know why their agency/manager wanted them to do something weird but they needed to obeyed them whatsoever! I showed all the photos of them doing suggesting threaten to my situation is just to show you the evidence that JYPE/KPOP indeed are part of the corrupt agency's illegal operation, even though they were just playing an advocate part through internet...

 Why JYPE kept posting those proving photos and videos about how the corrupt agency using DEW physically assaulting  me? MONEY! Of course! They need to keep me in the picture in order to make the corrupt agency to pay! JYPE/KPOP might have been blackmailing the corrupt agency for knowing their illegal operation! 

Or other way around, the corrupt agency paying JYPE/KPOP to misguide me to make me think that it was JYPE/KPOP trying to revenge me and to silence me so they hired my local criminal organization to stalk and harass me. Yet this theory doesn't make much sense to me. The previous theory is more convincing to me!

I have seen many videos claimed that they are hard cord ONCE (the girl group's fandom name) they bought the same album nearly a few "dozens" EACH (YES, AS MORE THAN 20 COPIES PER "fan") just to collect all the different photos from different members! 

Talking about..."dummy accounts"! No criminal organization will make a payment for their criminal action in a too obvious way...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Parasites Won't Stop Growing/Bredding Just Because You ignore them

I did post a blog about cutting off KPOP, Staying out of KPOP, Devil's Advocate, From Now On?! I found myself really NOT THAT INTO KPOP and sick of them even if I had created an account at their paid troll site, Onehallyu.com was going to have some good online debates with those paid trolls. Hence, I had been off Onehallyu.com and thought paid trolls number will reduce afterward.
It was a wishful thinking to believe that parasites would stop growing or breeding if you just simply ignore them if they had grown deep under your skin and in your system! Even if you cut off your organ where the parasites were in but didn't kill them ALL at the same time. The parasites will move to other place and keep growing!

It's not Ok Taecyeon, JYPE nor any KPOP paid trolls are trying to protect from me. The corrupt agency's cyber army hacking and stalking everywhere I go online, harassing or trying to recruit every blogger that I have visited, even if it's just a private ordinary person's Facebook or blogs that I never even "like", "following". nor ever made any comment on it but just frequently visiting.

They are all ending up with two options: one is closing or stop updating their FB or blog after they complained about being harassed. Or the second, the blogger started posting photos like KPOP artists syncing the corrupt agency's DEW assaulting criminal action.

Of course, those bloggers who chose to bend down to the corruption got paid one way or another, such as their wish would be granted after they collaborating with the rich and powerful corrupt agency and becoming part of their cyber army .

For example, recently, there's a blogger who seemed to eagerly want to be a celebrity in the entertainment industry but she doesn't have much to offer. After I became a regular lurker of her blog and FB, She started posting some strange photos like JYPE's girls have done, such as "pig's foot" (indicated my foot and knees got injured by DEW). Now, she has gone on some Taiwanese variety shows every now and then whenever she went back to Taiwan from S. Korea because she's married to a South Korean man and living in South Korea.

 "I am using this pig's foot photo to poison your eyes and silent you," she wrote in Chinese

The story of JYPE/KPOP mocking me with Pig's Foot  Korean dish photos:
My previous post about how JYPE using their girl group post some mocking photos to sync with the corrupt agency's DEW assaulting criminal action. Posting some "pig's foot" photos mocking my foot and knees got server injured by DEW was one of them.

So they kept mentioning about how this girl loved "pig's foot" Korean dish after I post my injured foot and knees.

She also post something as a joke in Chinese:"用豬腳的照片毒啞你们的眼睛" Google translate is ""With the pig's foot dumb your eyes."  Well, we all know how Google translate is. The correct translate would be:

" I am using this pig's foot photo to poison your eyes and silence you!"

Say Good-Bye To Mocking Spams from Firefox (Medium)

Not that I was intimidated or upset by Medium (Firefox)'s mocking spams, I deleted my Medium's account was because I had enough and really don't care for their corrupt staffs' kissing up articles as if they didn't make up some fake stories or news already!

Hence, bye-bye propaganda Medium!