Friday, August 26, 2016

Fat Cats, Financial Crisis, And The Resilience System

and Occupied Wall Street Movement? It was around 2008 to 2011. All those bankers, investment companies, and most financial related personnel were all under the fire. I once thought capitalism was finally going to be corrupted in 21st Century and the entire western society would be re-constructed after Industrial Revolution! I was anticipated! Nevertheless, everything suddenly quieted down all the suddenly!

Medias turned silence and all kind of social movement were closed. Government kept printing the money and fat cats back to their comfort zone again. I thought high and might Fergus (my old crush who put me through hell for years since 2007 ) and his wife, Elissa, were going down during Financial Crisis of 2008. But they are going strong now!

Why? Because he was one of those fat cats who manage a big chunk of Uncle Sam's cash. As a portfolio manager of Uncle Sam's fund in a world top-notched investment corporation, he might not make the height rank of salary in the investment business yet he sure has a great deal amount of cash to play all field of business around the world  in the name of INVESTMENT!  He might be not one of the richest man in the world but he could certainly do what those richest men could do concerning to investment! 
Not to mention if there's a noisy boss involved...Why? Imagine all the great connections his bosses could have in all fields such as political connection, law/justice system connection and everything... Any business, organization, you name it, he will have a business card of their CEO, presidents, directors, or even the Capo of drug cartel (only if he admits it..) 

They  DID manage to silent all the medias and social movement activators since 2011, Didn't they ?! The resilience system indeed works and still going strong after 5 years!

Just saying...Thanks again, Fergus, my loved *#%*&&^$

When The Crime Instargator Panic, The Scapgoats Go Nuts

Kpop giants S.M., JYP join forces for epic collaboration 

Wow! Their reaction is actually faster than I expected! And...

I post my previous blog on Aug. 18 about the MV of EXO from SM was implying JYP forcing its young artis for money. I found this news which released  on Aug. 24.

See! I don't know why KPOP industry value my opinion this much but I am ultra flatted! REALLY!? JYP/SM two KPOP giants collaboration just to show me how wrong I was?! Obviously, our rich and powerful BIG BROTHER is pushing the game in order to manipulate the entire situation and misguide my judgement?

Why the BIG BROTHER who organize this entire gang stalking "operation" reacts to my Kpop diss post so fiercely? Perhaps, this post worried them so much and they were relieved when I finally turned my sword and pointed it at their scapegoat, JYP/Ok Taecyeon, again? Therefore, they decided to add some more fuel in the fire like firefighter trying to burn a firebreak (fire land) to save their behinds?

Ok Taecyeon/JYP are no angels but merely "Devil's advocate"! Only Fergus, my old crush, and his wife can tell what this mess is about!

“The search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Most Powerful & Influential DEW Victim In The History?!

Wow! If this video is real, she will the most powerful and influential DEW victim in the history!

Clinton has problem to climb the stairs! Knees problem like I have?

Ok, this is from another right-wing media but I give more credit for:


At 3:27 The doctor described Mrs. Clinton suffering from hyperthyroid, weight gaining...
Also from the other video said that she also easy to fall have problem to walk for a long time or climb the stairs (knees problem like I have?)....

From what they descried how ill Hillary Clinton is, her condition fits in this list, IMO:  

Symptom list for Directed Energy Weapon Victim
[Edited: Though I found most search results from Google are like this link rather exaggerated to the sabotage level (to make DEW victim look crazy), I still keep it here to let you see why this page is still existing! Because they let it be for a reason! 2016/08/22 2:34PM.]

Regardless this channel owner's credibility (Alex Jones is anything but... IMO,) it is possible that Mrs. Clinton could be also a victim of DEW under NSA's surveillance program due to her e-mail leaking incident!

I don't opponent to NSA/FBI or CIA pay attention to watching suspects who might be endanger the country and American people, nevertheless; directed energy weapon needs to have a control law no matter what!

Even one of most most powerful/influential politicians like Hillary Clinton could have been victimized by DEW, no one in this country could escape from being the target individuals by covert investigators or perpetrators who using this lawless yet ruthless weapon to harass, assault, or even murder in the future if we don't push the DEW control law today !  

Friday, August 19, 2016

Thanks To Fergus & Elissa Of S.M.For Putting Me Into This Mess In The First Place!


Covert Investigations, Community Policing, Gang Stalking.

 "How are targets chosen?

Targets can be chosen because of many reasons. They can be chosen for political views. They can be chosen for whistle-blowing. They can be chosen because they belong to a dissident movement. They can be chosen because they asserted there rights at work. They can be chosen because they made the wrong enemy. Signed a petition, wrote a letter. They were deemed as suspicious by a member of one of these snitching programs and their names were handed over."


I never could have imagined ANYONE, ANYONE could do this to me! I have never hurt anyone in my life to deserve this. Not to mention these two, Fergus and Elissa, who are both from good family, have a world top notch degree... They are two of the most fortune people in the world yet they have to put ME, a misfortune person who got NOTHING at all but LOVED their family and did my best to help them when they needed me! I left them was also out of the best wellness FOR THEIR FAMILY!

But I didn't realized that I was not ready to leave...Hence, the trouble begun... I just needed time to put myself together. Meanwhile, I was still attached to that person...I have never tried to do anything to harm that family OR ANYBODY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!

Thank you, Lisa! That's how you returned a person who had done you many favors and sacrificed her own happiness for your family!

I was upset at first when I knew Lisa calling the police on me for talking to Fergus. Nevertheless, I could be reasoning with the consequence by realizing that woman is a cold-blood self-served person who has no heat for me! But Fergus...? Is that really necessary to be that scared to put me into this?

Now, your covert investigators putting me into deeper sh*t by hacking and stalking my computer! Thank you very much, Fergus and Elissa! I want to see how much more blessing and luck left for you both and Ok Taecyeon after you put me through this mess!

人在作,天在看!God is watching your every move!


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Eecrption Made It To The Kpop MV

encrypt (verb) en·crypt \in-ˈkript, en-\ : to change (information) from one form to another, especially to hide its meaning

So I just learned the meaning of encrypt from reading the article:

I post my recommendation of the film "Enemy Of The State" after I read it. I got a respond about "Enemy Of The State" was too obvious to put on the list, tho. Perhaps, I didn't really get what "encrypt" means!

Nevertheless, I quickly learned the true meaning of "encrypt" from watching the KPOP boy group EXO's new released MV. "LOTTO" on YouTube

Just in case you don't familiar or not updated with KPOP industry, here's a related article so you can get an idea what it really is about!

Koreans accuse Park Jin Young of turning Tzuyu into a traitor for money

That MV served JYPE and My online rival Ok Taecyeon was about right!


 They finally got post view number count right since I started blogger!

Great job!

From my previous post  My Blog Has Been Monitored By Some Idiots Who Couldn't Even Add Up The Number!  , obviously, at least ONE of the blogger moderators has been recruited by the criminal organization which harassing me for years.

Didn't I know it already! Yes, I did and I have been post story here many times. But I also realized it's the decision between THE BIG BROTHER and THE BOSS! I merely collected evidence for the future, NOTHING PERSONAL!

What ticked me off is they are so arrogant to the level that they didn't even try to cover their behind! Don't they even realize what they are doing is a CRIME!? They won't even let me ignoring their existing! If you think a thief can't escape is stupid, think again! Try the thief kept walking into house owner's face! 


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Blog Has Been Monitored By Some Idiots Who Couldn't Even Add Up The Number!

Well, other than the gang stalking group members,  just in case if anyone can see my blog! Let me show you why those hackers who have been monitoring my blog are really some idiots!

This is just one most recently dumb errors case (occurred in these couple days) among many other ridiculous ones! 

I really hate to think it's Google AGAIN! I am getting so tired of pointing out why their  arrogant yet idiotic cyber army need to go back to elementary school RELEARN some basic arithmetic addition and subtraction!

So let's assuming my hackers are just some high school drop-out local thugs who just learned how to type on a keyboard. See why they need to learn basic arithmetic:

 Pay attention to the time at right-lower corner and the viewers' number!

It was Aug. 15/2016 10:38 AM My profile total views were 40,423 

 It was Aug. 16 2016  8:25 AM The Views count remain 40, 423 which is fine!

 Aug. 17 2016 at 7:57AM. My View Counts DECREASED from 40,423 yesterday to 40,411 today! 

I couldn't believe it! I always thought the view number should be accumulating every view and it should be just adding up more but the number should never be reduced! What is going on here? So I check it again later! 

And the result REMAINS the same decreased number 40,411

 Aug. 17 2016 at 5:09 PM. My View Counts DECREASED from 40,423 yesterday to 40,411 today! 

The result assured me that my judgement serves me right and left! 

If you think your computer and blog have been hacked, stalked and monitored all the time is bad, think again! It could be worse! You would expect those computer criminals are some witty science nerds who can count better than you but find out just opposite! You couldn't even ignore their existing even you tried!  Dang, they really recruited members from street!!