Friday, January 20, 2017

Winter Is Here! Yey For DEW Victims!

Why I have been so quiet these days? Because I have been cooler than ever (not that 711th stop doing test on me but the weather cool it down. Hence, I had nothing to complain about when "winter is here!"

What does that make me?! 😐😒😓😔😑😐😌😚😚


 My local weather forecast has been like this for a while :)
Direct energy weapon's lethal result does effect by the weather condition! From personal experience, as an unofficial(didn't get paid for...) direct energy weapon human experimenter of Air Force Research Lab, I unofficially approval the fact that DEW does effected by the cold weather condition after being tortured by AFRL for more than 3 years!

This is older DEW wiki information which still on the Google search results which has been wiped out and changed for propaganda purpose.

 You won't find this part in that page anymore, they edited it out already!
Even though this is just some fiction freaks online community but it contents some important science knowledge about laser beams you can't find in governmental or corporate media websites nowadays.

So, winder is here! Called me a wilding (or Free Folk, I prefer to be called), DEW is cooled down by the weather and I am less suffering. I am moving to Alaska!  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It Isn't Justified Enough For What JYPE Had Made Money Off My Suffering

 Being the advocates of the criminal organization, this ain't justified enough respecting my suffer from their sponsor!
JYPE, the Devil's advocate, let their girl group members, their little pawns or honey traps, banded down to their fans at a MBC game show.

Seriously, observed from mess media and online community forums, other than their paid trolls (who created multiply accounts), this girl group's fandom isn't any popular than other girl groups. Yet with the powerful mysterious sponsor behind it, this girl group jumped from the bottom to the top within a year. I would assume that JYPE/Ok Taecyeon should thank to my battle with the criminal organization and the corrupt agency.

From my previous post, How Did KPOP Got Into This AFRL's Human Experiment Mess
 ,  you have seen how JYPE used their girl group syncing with the criminal organization's DEW torturing acts. As a disable elderly with low fixed monthly income (SSID), I have to find a way to protect myself from DEW injured even though it looks ridiculous. JYPE made the girls mocking at it and posting online. How would they know if they didn't collaborate with the criminal organization who stalking me with surveillance watching  24/7!?

 Even though she's my home girl, I will wait and see how she is going to end up with...

Every journey has its own Twists & Turns! They also said "what you sow is how you reaped?!" I am anticipating to see theirs!

I want to see how those criminals and their advocates, who make fortune off others misfortune, will become in the end!

Friday, January 13, 2017

A True Case Of Consipracy + Corruption Crime Of Law Enforcment

Lee Baca is a former Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California. In 2016, Baca plead guilty to federal charges of lying during an investigation into civil rights violations at the county jail.

Below is a previous summary of the Lee Baca case from the U.S. Attorney's office:

I didn't really care for nor follow the case while it was a stormy news on my local media reports. It's a typical FBI VS. corrupt law enforcement to me and I knew how corrupt law enforcement could do since I was very young in my home country. FBI should have known, too. even if there's no guiding book about how law enforcement corrupt.

What I am trying to say is corruption happened every where and any time as long as there's a crime scene involving rich and powerful individual who broke the law. Most of time, FBI or even higher power agency tends to turn their heads away and let the flow run smoothly, so is their collaborating relationship. 

The world is round so that friendship may encircle it! 😏

Why him? Why Lee Baca? We need to know how the system works. Why Lee Baca being accused for conspiracy and corruption while the entire system is corrupt?! Does FBI pick its battlefield to fight? From my personal experience of dealing with FBI, I believe they do choice what they want to investigate what they don't!

FBI Dispatch Told Me That FBI Don't Handle Corruption In 2014
The Reason Why FBI Refused To Investigate Unethical Human Experimental Case
 But...but...that's all you have done in the past few decades!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

If You Think "Conspiracy Crime" Is Merely A Paranoid Thought...

If You Think "Conspiracy Crime" Is Merely A Paranoid Thought or fiction..., IT'S NOT!

First thing first, what is criminal conspiracy? Here's a detail definition for you:

What Is Criminal Conspiracy? 

"Conspiracy is the term for a broad category of crimes involving multiple actors coming together to engage in criminal activity. Specific federal anti-conspiracy statutes are found throughout federal law. State statutes also contain anti-conspiracy laws.  Criminal conspiracy is a felony, even when the crime planned and carried out is a misdemeanor.

In recent years, a growing number of white collar criminal prosecutions have included allegations of conspiracy. A person or business generally is guilty of conspiracy to commit a crime if that person or business does one of the following:
  • with the purpose of facilitating or promoting its commission, agrees with another person or business to engage in conduct that constitutes a crime or an attempt or solicitation of a crime; or
  • agrees to aid another person or business in planning, committing, or attempting to solicit a crime.

What Are the Advantages of Charging Someone with Criminal Conspiracy?

Bringing a conspiracy charge offers the prosecution several distinct advantages. Prosecutors usually learn of a conspiracy while it is in an early stage; thus, they may prosecute before the underlying crime takes place. Further, prosecutors may be able to charge defendants simultaneously and present evidence against the group.
Although evidence is hard to gather in criminal conspiracy cases, since most of the agreements must be inferred from what little evidence actually exists, trial judges often have more sympathy for the prosecutors as a result."

In my case, if FBI or some other federal law enforcement makes it a case, my landlord(S) (yes, plural), Ok Tecyeon/JYPE, AMHC, LASD, Monterey Park Postal Office, Citibank which have been collaborating with the corrupt agency (or corrupt federal powerful employees?) to cover up its criminal action are all involving with criminal conspiracy case. Again, only if ANY law enforcement would dare to stand up and prosecute them... The systematic corruption is just too powerful too big to be justified, like the system bailed out those criminal bankers...  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Citibank Flagrantly Collaborate With Corrupt Agency Against My Will

After the Monterey Park Postal Office tried to illegally withhold my mail on Oct. 27th 2016 and lost my check book order with Citibank on Dec, 1st 2016 which supposed to be delivered a week later, and Citibank deleted my order to collaborate and cover up the postal office's illegal action, I totally lost the trust of USPS (Monterey Park Postal Office, particularly.)

So I went to the other branch of Citibank on Jan. 4th 2017 found out they deleted my previous order of the lost check book through USPS. I re-order check books again (to pay the rent because my landlord won't give me his account information) and specifically requested special delivery without going through "FedEx". Citibank charged me more than $19.00 for "FedEx" delivery and I agreed.

Now I received the package on Jan. 7th 2017 and got it from my mailbox, my freaking thief-got-the-key- mailbox delivered by USPS!

 See that? US Postage AKA USPS delivery

The corrupt agency is showing me off that they could do whatever to against my will flagrantly, even it's illegal within systemic corruption!

Meryl Streep and TYT, if you think Donal Trump mocking and bulling disable person was bad, checking out my case, this is your corrupt federal agency has been doing to me, an disable old woman, during Obama's presidential years, 8 freaking years!
(For some reason Blogger Google+ won't let me insert this video here!)

 After I tried any other Meryl Streep speech videos on YouTube, Google+ won't let me inserting them here! Talking about bulling and mocking disable person!

Edited: @11:48 am Finally, after I re-signed in again, I was able to insert Meryl Streep's speech about powerful people bulling and mocking disable person.

This is from TYT!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hackers Crashed A News Page After I Commented On It.

Hackers crashed a Taiwanese news page which was a reporting regarding Taiwanese local news. I made a comment on it with my "Facebook Account" yesterday. I checked on it this evening and found out the hackers crashed the news page just because they don't want public reading my comment and check on my Facebook!

The way they isolating their target victims! This Taiwanese News probably don't have strong firewall or anti-hacker's program to protect their website like Facebook have so hackers could easily remove an article.

Most websites, personal or business, forums that I had post my story or visited frequently are either collaborating with the corrupt agency to post something to sync with their action, like what JYPE, their advocate, has been doing since 2013. Or stopped updating, I would assume that hacker trashed their account so they could no longer signed in. One owner of my frequently visited Facebook fan pages complained that he was constantly harassed by some people and he refused to co-operate with them before he closed his Facebook. I had never made any comment on it nor never be friend with.

Not sure if they just blocked me from visiting them or hacker crashed their page tho!

Edit at 10:52 PM 2017/01/08 Wow! The Taiwanese news site was on just 5 minutes ago before I post this article but only the news page I comment on was down. Now the entire news site is down. Sorry, 信傳媒 I led the hackers to your site and let your down! 😔

This is how cyber army of the corrupt agency isolating me and harassing most of my favorite websites to make my life as miserable as possible.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Mental Disable Tortured Crime

Mentally Disabled Man Beaten And Tortured (NSFW Video)

Great! Glade those criminals got caught!

My question is: How if this mental disable victim was tortured by RICH & POWERFUL criminals, like the one who hired corrupt officials and criminal organization to torture me in every way they could for longer than 8 years right now right here in Los Angeles!? 

I got the answer for you---> just read through my entire blog articles from beginning. And you will learn how corrupt officials collaborating with criminals and how the systematic corruption works to cover criminals who were paid by rich and powerful to torture disadvantaged people of the society  without corporate media reporting or law enforcement public announcement.