Sunday, September 25, 2016

Director Flint-Stones? My Review On The Movie "Snowden"

As a victim of unjustified corrupt federal agency operation myself, I have a mixed feeling toward this film. I was thrilled that unjustified federal agency operation finally came out of the closet! On the other hand, I doubt and couldn't believe the rich and powerful would let movie like that came off so easy. There must be something has been held back by the producing company in order to make a bargain with the authority!

Turned out I was right! I stop taking this movie serious after the scene of Snowden using blanket to cover his body and computer when he typed the passwords. And the other one is when he became paranoid about "WEBCAM". Come on! Director Stone! Even the 1998 movie "Enemy Of The State" had more advantage science and technique sense than this brain new movie.

As I expected, there's a trade off point of this movie. It complete avoid/ignored the most important part behind Snowden's story- HOW NSA/CIA/DIA hacking/stalking/tracing target individuals nowadays! IT'S SATELLITE! Instead, they keep using the really basic internet network knowledge from 90's! WEBCAM?! Patronize the audience much?!

Direct Oliver Stone becomes Flint-Stones? Might as well...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Another Manipulation : TheyTry To Twist the Consipiracy Crime Case Into Racial Hate Crime Case

They will keep trying and manipulating through media and social network...

Conspiracy criminals which hired by my fat cat old crush and his super fat cat boss have been flooding me racial hate crime information one after another recently. Perhaps, this mysterious corrupt official agency has been trying everything they could to mislead people or anyone who suspecting their operation like me to make us believe it's anything BUT...federal agencies!

They have trying to buy all the entertainment business, website, news networks, and social networks to co-operate with them playing Devil's Advocate and Scapegoats BUT would try everything wipe out the connection between fat cats/ financial crisis/ that I have been suspecting...

Now, they have been flooding me with countless racism hate crime cases! It seems like they (the hire to kill conspiracy criminal organization) have found them a good excuse to execute their targets---racist hate crime!

This organization have sending me countless e-mail through Medium, a Firefox network that posting article written by public, I took the bait and made a comment from reading this article:

Now, they think they got me and keep sending me all the information about racial hate crimes fire crackers though every damn YouTube channels, websites, forums I have been interesting in !

 And this article sent by Firefox Network, Medium through my e-mail!

 No sirs,



Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Misleading Recruiting Show Of Apt#5 Stalker From 2015

This video was taken on August, 30 2015 (the number on my cellphone video show the date I took) after my nasty new stalker at apt#5 moved in!

They were staying there howling and cursing for a long time until they saw me came out and took a shot of them. Why? They were trying to mislead me and make me believe that my new moved in neighbor in apt#5 has been recruited by some local thugs and cons but not sent by some corrupt federal officials who were bribed by my old crush, an American Federal Funds' profolio manager!

Being Victimized By Privacy Crime Online Facebook

I posted it on my Facebook last year before I made a big fuzz in my previous Blog about him! Because apt#2 Garcia and him are getting aggressive and boldly threatening me this after noon after I post a comment on MBC's controversial video! Again, they want me to believe it's the perfect timing to show their action and emphasized that it's  something very personal from my online old grudge MBC/KPOP but not corrupt federal officials...

The Old Grudge Betweem Me, MBC, OkTaecyeon/JYP and the Entire KPOP Industry

From my previous post

So The New Nasty Neighbor Is Just Another Stalker Working For Criminal Organization

so you know my long-stayed stalkers have become aggressively dangerous toward me today after I post a comment on my old grudge, MBC's another controversial video. 

In fact, MBC is the old grudge that caused the conflict between Ok Taecyeon/JYP/the entire KPOP industry and Me because I busted their promotional hoax for the WGMGE in 2013!

MBC knows that I was extremely protective toward young girls from my home country working abroad! It could be just a trap KPOP industry setting for me from the beginning!

How & Why The Criminal Organization Hired JYP/Ok Taecyeon As Devils' Advocate (Their Scapegoat)

 I post the entire incident online wasn't because I couldn't let old grudge go but because those stalkers within my apartment complex making aggressive threat right in front of my home! And they intended to let me know their action! Their outrage lawless attitude forced me to tell the truth...

So The New Nasty Neighbor Is Just Another Stalker Working For Criminal Organization

Today, Pacific Time 09/15/2016 at 4:45PM, the Chinese guy who moved in for about a year, was told by the long-term stalkers, Amy Garcia, "add the power..." while they met in the hallway of our apartment! Garcia was in her apartment#2 balcony and the Chinese guy was on his way back to his apartment#5 which right above apartment#2!

I will post a video or photo to explain it! (Unfortunately, I was unable to record their short conversation nor take any photo evidence...)


Point One: Why one the earth Amy Garcia talked to the new moved in Chines guy while  my landlord warned me don't talk nor write to her right after she moved in?!

Point Two:  Adding what "power"? DEW power? The one that has been cooking me for  years?! NO wander that I still felt been cooked when apt#2 Garcia and apt#4 Dr. Stone were both not home! Expecting more burned and physical damage (or probably going to be killed on the coming day...

Point Three: I have been surrounded by people from the same organization that have been hacking, stalking, and physical assaulting me for years since 2007?! He stayed home quietly alone all the time. I thought he was just an IT programmer or something so he could work at home all the time. it turns out that I was probably right about him...he is indeed something...a hacker who can read Chinese!

Why I even surprised at all? I knew it since the day one the Chinese guy moved in because of his nasty attitude toward me, an elderly new neighbor who he never met before... I was just trying to be friendly yet he staring at me with no word in return...

I write it down here as a record and a future evidence in case anything happened to me!

It brought out another question: why those stalkers became so bold and furious toward me today? I know the answer: because I post this on their another controversial video today! 

MBC was also the one caused the trouble between Me and the entire KPOP industry because I loused up their promotional hoax  of WGMGE in 2013!

Old grudge never die!

How & Why The Criminal Organization Hired JYP/Ok Taecyeon As Devils' Advocate (Their Scapegoat)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Pit For Criminals Online

Finally, I came to the point that I was willing to see who has been watching me and from where, so I clicked the traffic sources to see who has come to my Blog.

P.S. Guess  Which post of mine they were Checking OUT!
Drum rolling...

The Most Powerful & Influential DEW Victim In The History?!

 (It's deeper than you could imagine!)

I was re-directed to a pron site.

Not surprised at all! In stead of clicking on the link, I checked the company who hosting for the stalkers which is  then I got this page:

Alligator, eh?! So familiar with this image from years back! I remember once I was re-directed to a hosting website with a similar alligator icon which was basic in TEXAS! This website informed me that if I wanted to visit the website I originally clicked, I need to pay this alligator company certain amount of money... 

I was not sure if this TEXAS alligator internet company was running a scam on me only or it had kidnapped/ hijacked websites and asked for ransom money from both website masters and viewers. I certainly won't give in to the perpetrator so I moved on and didn't visit that website for a while. I found the alligator Texas company was gone a year later! 

My point? Not sure why this alligator internet icon still running around through the internet and no law enforcement after them? Where is NSA PRISM? I thought an internet recidivism like this was supposed to be the main concern of NSA or FBI yet it seems otherwise! Unbelievable!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Reason Why We Couldn't Get Away From Being Hacked As Long As We Are Using The Internet Service

The NSA’s British Base at the Heart of U.S. Targeted Killing Surveillence

"In the late 1980s, international communication networks were revolutionized by new fiber-optic undersea cables. The technology was cheaper than satellites and could transmit data across the world much faster than ever before, at almost the speed of light. For this reason, according to the NSA’s documents, in the mid-1990s the U.S. intelligence community was convinced that satellite communications would soon become obsolete, to be fully replaced by fiber-optic cable networks.

But the prediction proved to be wrong. And millions of phone calls are still beamed between satellites today, alongside troves of internet data, which the NSA has readily exploited at Menwith Hill.

  “The commercial satellite communication business is alive and well and bursting at the seams with increasingly sophisticated bulk DNI (Digital Network Intelligence) traffic that is largely unencrypted,” the NSA reported in a 2006 document. “This data source alone provides more data for Menwith Hill analysts to sift through than our entire enterprise had to deal with in the not-so-distant past.”

The U.S. and U.K. governments have actively misled the public for years through a “cover story.”

As of 2009, Menwith Hill’s foreign satellite surveillance mission, code-named MOONPENNY, was monitoring 163 different satellite data links. The intercepted communications were funneled into a variety of different repositories storing phone calls, text messages, emails, internet browsing histories, and other data.

It is not clear precisely how many communications Menwith Hill is capable of tapping into at any one time, but the NSA’s documents indicate the number is extremely large. In a single 12-hour period in May 2011, for instance, its surveillance systems logged more than 335 million metadata records, which reveal information such as the sender and recipient of an email, or the phone numbers someone called and at what time.

To keep information about Menwith Hill’s surveillance role secret, the U.S. and U.K. governments have actively misled the public for years through a “cover story” portraying the base as a facility used to provide “rapid radio relay and conduct communications research.” A classified U.S. document, dated from 2005, cautioned spy agency employees against revealing the truth. “It is important to know the established cover story for MHS [Menwith Hill Station] and to protect the fact that MHS is an intelligence collection facility,” the document stated. “Any reference to satellites being operated or any connection to intelligence gathering is strictly prohibited.” "

No wonder how many new computers I have bought and how many times I have formatted the computers and deleted/cleared my internet acting information, cyber army and the scapegoat (Ok Taecyeon/JYPE) always know my computer action...


Not that I am accusing NSA entirely, yet SOMEONE WITHIN the system who have privilege to access "this all mighty tool" is going to use it for personal gain, for example, the one who were hired by my old crush and his nosy boss.