Tuesday, April 25, 2017

YouTube Hacker Employee Accused Me A NAZI

Before I made a scene and post an article complaining about some Google+YouTube employees who have been collaborating with the corrupt agency and stalking/harassing me for a while, the home page of my YouTube channel's recommendation website was fulled of NAZI being defeated thumbnails. 

Yap, this group of Google+ YouTube employees who in charge posting recommendation has accused me as NAZI and made a death threat by posting some hanging NAZI woman thumbnails on the top of my YouTube home page...

I did keep mentioning about JYP has been collaborating with Google's CEO since the end of Oct. 2013, the time Ok Taecyeon/JYPE declared a war with me through Twitter/FB. And everywhere with KPOP news

Never knew that CEO has a Jewish family background and I never care about it. Now, their employees are accusing me a NAZI because I offended their Jewish boss?!

I never wrote anything regarding this Google CEO's family background or ANYONE'S religion and background.   

I finally get why... I seemed to strike some sensitive nerve of certain group of the corrupt agency's spacial agents...

 Hello, my secret Google+ agent...

You are waaaaaaaaaaay tooooo sensitive, sir! You need to get rid of your historical burden
 There's some special secret codes between the corrupt agency and me, Sorry, I won't explain it here.
Edit @ 12:43PM 04/26/2017
Ok! After I read the news about white house and eastern bunny, the post above isn't just a mocking or fake news as I thought. However, my prolonged cyber stalker/hacker did take it to mock at me since I wasn't even follow or like that dude. I will delete the link and the photos related to that blogger later as I kinda overreacted to that post. My apology!

Corrupt Agency Monitor & Restrain My Online Active

They used to just recruit the owners of my frequent visiting websites or kept harassing/threatening them until they shot down the websites. Most my frequent visiting websites are always ended up either closed, stopped updating, or collaborating with the corrupt agency.

Now, not sure if they have upgraded my punished level or because their online propaganda operation has granted more power recently so they could do something even more bolder and lawless to their target victims, THEY START BLOCKED ME FROM VISITING SOME TRUSTWORTHY WEBSITES BUT ONLY CAN VISIT THE WEBSITES THEY HAVE COMPROMISED!

Not that I have been trolling around those websites, I mostly never even signed in not to mention that I never made a sound when I visited my favorite websites. I have known what those cyber army was going to do with them! Nevertheless, the corrupt agency still won't leave me alone. They are making a living out of my suffering... They are hired to harass the corrupt agency's target victims...

From my last post, you know they have been blocked me from visiting Ok Taecyeon/JYPE/KPOP's fifth column website- onehallyu forum. Now, they blocked me from visiting the only trustworthy news resource from my home country - Taiwan Daily News.

They just keep going and do more illegal operations on me! They will see how I fight back later...

Don't think the owner who pampering their cute corgi would never do something for evil corrupt organization... THEY DO!

 Yes, the owner emphasized about "the guts"being ripped off

When one advocate/scapegoat, like Onehallyu.com , refuses to do the dirty job anymore for the corrupt agency and asked to block me (or the corrupt agency got warning NOT HACKING AND CRASHING their websites AGAIN?!) they always can find some ordinary/powerless website/FB owners who don't know anything better to online harass me. Yes, from this picture, you know that they have been targeting my entombment part for a while.

Yes, you can laugh at me if you didn't read my blog from the beginning. Otherwise, you are either in denial or you are just one of them...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Fifth Column Website Of The Corrupt Agency Finally Blocked Me

I have been kept telling that KPOP has been paid to be one American corrupt agency's international Fifth Column. KPOP industry has called themselves as Korean Wave as they have the great influence among the world's pop culture like weather phenomenon... 😒

Hallyu, the Romanization of 한류 Korean Wave in Korean. Therefore, this website could be semi-Korean official owned website and sponsored by KPOP industry. Why do I believe South Korean government has anything to do with this Asian entertainment (mainly focus on KPOP) message boards? Let me explain it...

We  know  the recent corruption scandal of South Korean former President. The main suspect Choi Soon-Sil  most interesting in and getting  involved with the most was this, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It has been a gold mine to most of corrupted officials in South Korea since all the South Korean entertainment businesses are under their influence and control. 

Also, we couldn't ignore the biggest broadcast corporation, MBC. Culture Broadcasting Corporation in English if we want to talk about corruption involving Korean entertainment industry . Although it's the first non-governmental commercial broadcaster in Korea, MBC has been playing the biggest role as an intermediary between politicians and entertainment industry. Go figure yourself...
The dark side of Asia’s pop music industry
 Remember this?!
 It started with this...Right, MBC  
 It all started with this...MBC's "Little TV"show!

Not sure which side MBC/KPOP was taking with in this incident, MBC once again played the politic game as a private entertainment business...

 Remember Ok Taecyeon, the first suspect that hiring criminal organization to hack, stalk, harass and violate every human right of me for years. I kept blaming him before I realized that he was merely a pawn of the game. MBC was the produced company of the TV show which got me into the internet debates with Ok Taecyeon/JYPE. It was just a set up by their cyber army. MBC is a real evil corporation if you ask me...

Anyway, I knew Onehallyu.com has been compromised by the corrupt agencies from both United State and South Korea but didn't realize that it has been control by South Korea authority. Now I know!

Man, I don't know what I have done to deserve this deep #^%$! There are many many much worse persons out there  if it was because I had done any thing wrong...

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

When the Authority & Corporate Media Are Collaborating

Not sure why but it looked like they were all having great fun, except us ordinary people...

When we don't understand why things always went wrong, the religious people will always comfort you with" God has a plan for you..."

Jeremiah 29:11-13New International Version (NIV)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

My question is...do those people in power think they could play "GOD" and have a plan for us ordinary people??? 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Trace of DEW Ray Beam...

 After I added this TV as monitor while I using the computer last year, my screen had this kind of damaged. I don't what it was and how long it had been there. I took this shot on Oct. 2nd, 2016 as evidence and ignored it.

I now upload this video and find out the damage on the screen was gone! I don't know what it was exactly!

This video I took on March 30, 2017. An unusual DEW ray beam. I am no scientist so I couldn't tell what it was exactly!


I took this video at midnight around 1:30 AM on 04/05/2017. I felt the burn on my body part which right in front of those unusual screen part! So I took the video of the abnormal screen image as DEW tracing evidence!

I took this video around 9:00AM this morning (04/05/2017) in comparing to the other video last one, the ray-beam was less intensive and I felt no burn on my abdomen and chest. So I guess I wasn't attacked by DEW at that moment! At least not from the same direction. Yet, we still can see some "leftover" damage on the screen.

I also had a video about the same thing I post in my blog in Feb. 2017

Same thing, just the laser beam's power and direction was different! 

Where it from exactly? Judging from physic common sense...

The corrupt agency's scapegoat and advocate, JYPE, had warned me through their puppet Japanese girl Mina long ago! I am not sure what JYPE's game exactly!

 Outsiders see this photo might think JYPE was clueless funny, but to DEW victim like me, it's a threat and a warning...

It's not from upstair (Dr. Stone's apartment #4), nor next door (Amy Garcia apt#2), or the Wall of Stalkers (the building on the right of mine,) but is from here

However, I honestly don't believe the corrupt agency would actually put DEW in these stalkers' apartments. I would more tend to believe that it's some kind of "redirection device" like mirror redirecting the light in different direction...??!!

Just my 2 cents of common sense and some basic physic knowledge learned from junior high!!!Not sure about others but it makes sense for me, tho! Where the DEW source actually from??!! Ask NASA or Air Force Research Labs, CIA or Google X Lab/Satellite might have something to do with it?! Again, I am just a piece of dead Asian old meat, what would I know?!!  

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trick From the Prolonged Stalkers Invoving Law Enforcement?

 This particular apartment has all kind of visitors. Some of them I recognized have followed me randomly on the street, bus, and different stores...
Not sure what trick they are trying to play on me. One of this residence's car window was broken and parked it there for a couple weeks. The broken window wasn't fixed until they had someone "coming" to the parking lot to fix the window a few days ago. Yesterday morning, I saw a couple of police patrol cars parking in front of their parking lot. Looked like they were investigating something. Well, this apartment has been an office of those random stalkers, If I am not wrong about it...

This police drove his police car off as soon as he saw me watching them.

The other police parked his car a bit far behind the apartment and stayed for an unusual period of time in comparing to the experience I had with police interview. The police went into the apartment after they talked a long time outside. He stayed in the apartment longer than usual as well!

Why do I believe this apartment is one of those random stalkers Monterey Park branch office?! 
This random stalker I had conflict with. He made a mistake by slipping of tong telling me that he was working for them in the first place when I asked him why he had stood right next to my apartment for a few days. 

They tried to "correct" it by letting he making out with the young girl living there in my face on the second day. They stood at the parking lot for a long time waiting for me to come out and did the role playing.  He was a boyfriend of the girl so he was in fact waiting for the girl in stead of a stalker watching my door.

The other reason I suspect those tenants of this apartment is because I have seen many random stalkers who followed me on the streets, bus, and stores sneaking in and out this apartment frequently! 

You might ask me why I suspected it's a trick from the corrupt agency after I saw them talking to police. Remember the blog I have written about they spilling the bean about some of them have been paid to "PRANK" on me?!

Before I heard the conversation and left the parking lot, there was a boy came down to me after I just stood there for 5 minutes to face off with two random stalkers in the car which made a sudden turn and parked the car right in front of me in this parking lot. I wanted those stalkers to feel what I  felt- being violated and watched!

Yet the boy who came down to tell me off actually talked to me before and he knew I live here. In stead of questioning and telling off those random stalkers in the car which wasn't supposed to park there, he harassed me and won't leave me alone! Oblivious, he tried to help those two stalkers off the hook!
After many conflicts I have dealing with this apartment's residents since I moved in, I have my reason to believe those tenants of this apartment aren't ordinary people! 

Also, I have been standing in my neighborhood's parking lots a lot recently due to those random stalkers are getting too close to me whenever I was out! I want them to know that I know what they are trying to do and I want them to pass me.

Now, with two police interview with the prolonged stalkers, I wouldn't be too surprised if they are trying to use my recently behavior against me and set me up if I keep standing around in my neighborhood! 

Again, the situation I am in, I have no choice but face it and no way to avoid it if they want me to play alone! What game they are playing now, I could do nothing but wait and see!

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Plumber Hired A Plumber JUST To Change A Shower Head?

 A shower head changing from the old but good one to this. My thrifty hard working landlord, who own a professional plumber license and company, took so many troubles to got into my apartment just to change this, which I never asked for! He even brought another pluming contractor to work for him just to change a shower head in my bath room! (??? I know!!!) I saw him signed the paper with that contractor in front of my door. Something really fishy here!

My landlord Mr. Yee who owns a professional plumbing license and a plumbing company. According to him, he cleaned up my one-bedroom apartment before I moved in all by himself, including cleaned up a gross filthy bathroom left by the previous tenant who lived there for years and never cleaned anything...

Judged from how nasty the stove-oven was during my first apartment tour, I couldn't imagine (or I just don't want to) how the bathroom would look before...Hence, you could tell how thrifty and hardworking Mr. Yee used to be...He worked like a bee in a beehive. He talked fast, walked fast, everything is fast to the level that I wondered if he was on something...until the day I caught him doing something odd regarding my mail box has been constantly cleaned up by thief and I complained to him by phone.

 He asked my permission to open  and check my mail box EVERY DAY right after I caught him trying to negotiate with the mailman (to make a deal?) the next day after I called him last year! 👽

I must had post this incident in my blog but I couldn't find it now. I will post a link when I find it later! I stop being naive with my landlord right after.

Yap, I don't know what he really is and how my landlord thought of me, but from how he reacting to my mail stolen incident... he obviously thinking I am really stupid and crazy to the disorientated level so I would buy his BS like that!

Anyway, my landlord and the corrupt agency knew that they could never deceive me or misguide me through my landlord's lying mouth, Mr. Yee started telling lies without trying to cover his old lies! They just don't care if I caught anything from my landlord or those stalking neighbors! They have all the law enforcement and federal intelligent agencies' backs!

I am really curious about what behind this shower head really is!? It's the material of the shower head or something?! Just look at it, every inch of it is made of metal, so shining...