Thursday, June 22, 2017

Quora Unblocked- Got My Right Of Freedom Visiting Online Back

I got my right of freedom of speech/visiting online back after I uploaded all the screen shot evidence in my previous post! I learned I should not give up my rights by the criminal actions which constantly trying to dismay and frustrate me.

Evidence, evidence, and evidence!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Quora Blocked! The Corrupt Agency Is Restraining My Online Active, Again!

The Corrupt Agency's Cyber Army is Restraining My Online Active, Again!
I created an account with this morning! For security reason, I created a new G-mail account to start with I answered some Taiwan/China political questions since I am from Taiwan and I care about this issue.

I don't think my answers were controversial at all, in comparison to  most of other answers in the questions.

However, when I tried to sign in this afternoon, I found my account was disappeared and their system didn't recognize my G-mail address. Yet, I could found my answers through the questions. Hence, I found my account that Quora won't let me sign in.

 This is the profile of my lost account I just created this morning. See the answer number was 3 even though I had answered more than 3 questions.
It was just my created account name, FYI!
 So I clicked the sign in and a new sing in pop-out with Google account request. It didn't recognize my new created G-mail account so I tried to open my new G-mail where has the verification mail from the Quora. Guess what?! Google deleted that G-mail account as well.

I won't easily to be dismayed and give up as always. So I used my G-mail account which had connection with my new smart phone to sign in with Quora. They re-configured my G-mail account and created a another Quora account with the same name!

See the Feeds on the left side, the Answer number is 0! They won't let me signed in with the account I created this morning but started a new account.
  I went to the service page asking Quora staff directly about my missing account and here's their reply through e-mail

Fine! I can deal with all kind of BS created by the corrupt agency's cyber army in order to harass from more than 10 years of victimized experience. So I moved on and continued my task of becoming a member of I indeed had a great time answering and asking questions which I care for there this entire afternoon and evening.

Until the hacker couldn't hold himself and post something right after I answered question and looking forward to answer next Taiwan/China question.  How do you think when you saw a question like this on the top of your computer screen:

So I ignored it as always and mind my own business. There comes another one:

Not pissed off just yet? OK...

 Because I kept answering the Taiwan/China political questions..And I clicked on the question hint "Taiwan"!
I knew this cyber stalker just won't leave alone. So I started a question about cyber stalker who constantly harassing me online and uploaded the screen shots I took above to show how the cyber stalker harassing me! Quora (or the powerful corrupt agency's cyber army?) immediately gave me time out because once I upload those harassing questions posting by the hackers. Their true ID could be traced down through the questioners' Quora accounts. Hence, the cyber army immediately cut me off and blocked me from visiting!

 Don't underestimate my patient and persistence! 
 I reload the page after waiting for a few minutes...

I knew it had something to do with the cyber army so I cleared my online history and deleted all the previous cookies and everything. I started a new browser and cyber army had blocked me from visiting Quora. Not just deleted my account, they blocked me completely!

pay attention to the time at the right lower corner! I wasn't lying or being paranoid about the entire situation!

It's like old time when they tried to stop me from visiting or in the past. They shut down those two message boards for a very long time and created a brand new one later!
I will put a link of my older post regarding it later!

 How the cyber army restrained my online activity without court order (where's my right of freedom of speech?)

Please excuse my usage of English words in the title. I am still learning how to write English since it wasn't my first language but the third language.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Is Coming & The Corporate Media Is Lying...

 As a DEW victim of 10 years, summer is a BAD NEWS! Not sure how direct energy weapon is working and what kind of DEW they are using on me, yet I know the hotter and more clear the weather is, the harsher I got burned!

From my old post, Unexplained Abnormal Heat Of My Apartment , I could only take the abnormal temperature video evidence while comparing to trustworthy corporate media's online forecast websites in order to persuade readers, like this video

Of course, the corrupt agency's cyber army aren't idle hands either! They would always do something to sabotage me or manipulate the entire situation into their favor.

So my current home city, Monterey Park, is getting hotter and hotter since it's already mid June. Like always, I checked the forecast online everyday to protect myself from burning by DEW. Guess what I got from the variety corporate media's weather forecast websites.

Let's start from no-name website (probably from other country)!

 The 7 days weather forecast of Monterey Park, CA from today (06/19/2017) to next Saturday (06/24/2017) on a no-name site
This one is Los Angeles Times official weather site:
 You can see the temperatures are higher than the unknown website showed. I visited this site less frequently than MSN 

Now, let me showed you what I got from MSN weather official website!

I frequently checked out the temperature of Monterey Park  from MSN weather website when I first tried to collect the abnormal room temperature evidence two years ago. Of course, I eventually found out MSN's reporting temperatures were hardly anywhere near accurate, in fact, were usually ridiculous inaccurate just by open the window of my room and feel it myself.

Furthermore, my window desk top weather gadget has been disable for unknown reason since I started used it's weather website to prove that my room temperature was abnormal hot in my video and blog.
 My guess was it's too complicate for MS to redesign the window7 desk top weather gadget just for ME! They might as well disable it so I won't be able to see the difference weather temperature results!
Why? If the outdoor temperature of Monterey Park wasn't lower than my crazy hot DEW burned room temperature, my collecting video evidence to prove my apartment had been attacked by DEW burning heat would be invalided.

If you ask me why didn't I move away already if I found the apartment's management had problem. I had post this article to explain it!

  Why Don't I Move Or Run Hide (2): 

 Why Don't I Move or Run/Hide (3) They Manipulated My Credit Report 

Even if I tried to fight it off and asked the credit company to correct my records, I guess they will be like FBI/LAST/USPS IOG ignore me! WHY BOTHER!!!??? WASTING MY TIME AND MONEY!

The more frequent website I had visited, the more bold lies it told. I started taking the second and third opinions from other weather forecasting websites after I figured MSN weather site had been recruited and collaborated with the corrupt agency. I guess they didn't pay Los Angeles Times as much as they paid MSN!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Silence Me With Money Saving...

Silence - Faith Testing Scene 

Seriously, they don't even need to go that far to test me, I have ZERO faith in anything! The best way to silence me is ignore me and leave me alone! 

This is how ridiculous money they have spent on my frequent watching Taiwanese variety show which I don't really like. I kept following this show was because I knew it has been COMPROMISED and collaborating with the corrupt agency, like KPOP/JYPE/Ok Taecyeon!

 The title of this episode on 06/15/2017 is: "身邊有個白目大嘴巴! 口無遮攔, 秘密到處講"! I tried online translate and the result was as bad as expected!

 We know how online free translate is. I snipping shot this one because Google Translate was even worse!
 So let me translate it word by word! 
身邊有個-There's SB/Some thing beside you
白目: clueless
大嘴巴: big mouth

口無遮攔, 秘密到處講
口無遮攔 means "never shut up"
秘密- secret
到處講-spill the beans all over "tells your secret to everyone"

There's a clueless big mouth beside you and tells your secret to everyone!

Yeah, I know how you are thinking! I got it A LOT, more than you can image! However, didn't Ian Fleming tell it all:

Seriously, I doubt the corrupt agency is really trying to silence me with ALL THE MONEY, MANPOWER spending, like they starting wars in order to keep the world peace?! Someone within the corrupt agency make money out of "brokerage commission" from hiring those perpetrators who stalking/harassing/assaulting victims/targets? The more victims/targets whining complaining, the more money they have spent on hiring those contractors in order to patrol those "rebelling" victims.

So everyone is winner except victims and tax payers!

As for me, YouWon, all I ask is leaving me alone and ditching the stalking plan on me, I will be as quiet as FBI & LASD! You can save all those money and keep the world peace! God Bless America!

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.
Read more at:
Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.
Read more at:

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Risky Business 101- How to Identify A Business Is at Risk

How do you identify a business is at risk? Check on their new CEO!

#1: When the new CEO isn't a son of the founder!
#2: When the new CEO isn't an old fellow partner of the founder!
#3: When the new CEO is from a third world country.

 Sorry about the #3! Nothing about the races but more about how desperate of  foreigners from developing country wanting to be successful in the first world country! They are more likely to take risk in order to be in that position! Furthermore, they tended to be naive about the mentality of westerners and believe in American dream!

When a business (or any organization) hired someone to be the new leader who seems to fail majority's expectation, you know this business is at risk!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Two Swords and One Inch Apart?!

 Two Swords and One Inch Apart, The Congress House should Never Look Like Fraternity Or Country Club...

This would be the way how a Taiwanese legislator react when she got cut off during speech...

And Korean parliament girl fight....

Barbarian? Oh, NOOOOOO! You American got it all wrong! The parliament house was never supposed to be civilized! It was supposed to be a battlefield for legislators! Talk is cheap! Action is louder...

Two Swords and One Inch Apart
 "... the distance separating the government and opposition benches as inviolable because, conforming to an ancient custom of the British Parliament, they must remain “two swords and one inch apart.”"

Right! The  parliament fight was supposed to be broken out in any time under normal circumstance, even in the gentlemen nation like the good old British, hence; "TWO SWORDS AND ONE INCH APART" so two British opposite legislators won't stick their swords on each other's chest close or soon enough!

Senator Harris, your civilized way is not working!

The only reason that your parliament house looks like a social fraternity or country club is either it's a fake parliament under a totalitarian government or it's an obvious symptom of systematic corruption! Your government, intelligent agencies, and the majority politicians are scratching each others' back while very few whistle blowers trying to raise some issues...WEAKLY!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Where Were You When I Needed You, Comey?

 I thought Comey was FBI director but NOT CIA director?! So I did some research and got this:

 Organization, Mission and Functions Manual: Federal Bureau of Investigation
I would guess the TOP 3 priorities were added after 911! Other than that, my case has been involved with all the rest of priorities which FBI was supposed to protect me from the corrupt agency. Especially, investigate certain federal agencies which no other law enforcement or justice system has the authority to investigate. Nevertheless, FBI agents turned me down and ignored me even though I had strong evidence, whiteness and obvious suspects living within my neighborhood.

I have been a victim of this corrupt agency since 2007 yet I didn't realize it until 2013. I reported it to FBI through their website in 2014 with all the photos evidence and detail description. No respond at all. I went to FBI West Covina  branch for help, they completely ignored me after they ran a computer check with my ID.

Now, I realized their supervisor was soooo busy playing political power struggle game instead of investigating crime activities and supervising all FBI employees. No wonder those FBI agents didn't want to do their jobs. Or worse,  they might have been doing something they shouldn't have....