Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nasty War with Corrupt Agency & Collaborating Landlord: Water Pollution?!

 I kept getting notes stuck on my door these couple days. I know this means something nasty is going to happen, according to my experience dealing with the corrupt agency and landlords!

Water "pollution" is the nicest word I could come out know there are words begin with letter  "P"  could probably be more fueled yet more justice!!!

Did you see that? A simple entry note from a small 6 units apartments landlord needs to have protection from a law firm to back him up! I NEVER SAW this kind of self-preservation from him since 2013 I moved in until now! Obviously, my previous post has awaken the corrupt agency and my landlord that he's been walking on the thin line!

Sunday, March 19, 2017


That sorry hacker is nothing but a "scapegoat", if you ask me, a 10 years victim of stalking mob squat from corrupt agency. It's 21st century and what do you think they spent billions of dollars just to hang those expansive satellites in the space? 

Sure, if you are still arguing that I am just a paranoid psycho...then, please explain why this kind of thing are still happening recently? Are those hot celebrities stupid and didn't learn anything from Jennifer Lawrence yet still kept their computer/webcam/smart phone on and with them while using bathroom? 

 If you think that is hackers/stalkers from the corrupt agency have done much better (or BADDER?) job... They even know what brand of tooth brush I have been using. (Thank Goodness! I am no longer using tampons..Let's not going there...🙊)

 NO! That's not me! It's a little unspoken secret between the corrupt agency, KPOP, and Me!

I wouldn't be too surprised if some of those corrupt agents have 24/7 CCTV connection with the world top 10 hottest celebrities' bedrooms and bathrooms. And they know what brand of tampons they are using and when is their peri...🙊🙈🙉!

 Wake up, Americans! You don't know how powerful your federal secret agency is now. They won't tell you what their agents can do to you through their access and connection if your rivals pay them enough, like mine has done! Talking about systematic corruption!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ghost From The Past, The Instigator or Cyber Stalker?

I have my reason to believe that my old crush, Fergus the fat-cat, is the instigator who put me through all this mess! However, from the experience I learned from Ok Taecyeon/JYPE, I won't completely obviate the possibility of  just another misguiding trick from cyber army of the corrupt agency! 

 Is this cyber stalker from my old crush, Fergus? Or he is just another staking troll paid by the corrupt agency?

This was a cyber stalker from my frequent visiting relationship message boards, Wewon (possible means Fergus and Lisa,) joined it since 2008. Yet, it could be just one of many accounts created by the identical cyber stalker from the corrupt agency. I had quite a few stalkers trolling after all my post in since I jointed it and post my story there! Their writing styles are all the same, the story lines were similar. Mostly, they always came after my post, insulting and sabotaging me.
It's easy to tell that those trolls were the same person.

The last post from Wewon, my cyber stalker, right after I post exactly the same thing in the same day I post this in another message boards here!

What Wewon difference from other trolls was that he kept trying to bait me into his story which was exactly the same thing I had been through with Fergus and his family. He had a few accounts before and did exactly the same thing but I was never had a debate with those accounts directly. I started having debate with Wewon because he made a legal threat after I toll my experience of dealing with Fergus's GF anonymously. He was aggressively provoking toward me.

Like all other trolls, he used many of  accounts he had created for years attacking me in the same arguments as if I had been grouped by so many "trustworthy" senior members and no longer welcomed by Of course, I believe the message boards' moderators knew what was going on there but, like what LASD or FBI had done to me, they ignored me and looked away!

Before the original message boards crashed, most moderators were gone one by one but only one last, the account was "Sara K". It means the moderator was a woman and her surname's initiate was K which was the same as Lisa's, Fergus' wife! Whatever this moderator's true identity, the role "Sara K" was trying to play is exactly identical to Lisa, a highly educated woman in her late 30's facing marriage frustration with an unfaithful spouse.

The original was crashed right after I started telling my story about being hacking and stalking by Ok Taecyeon's cyber army(well, they blocked me first for about a week then decided shutting it down for a year).

They didn't want my story to be seen in which was one of the most popular message boards in America. However, they didn't have the reason not to post it and they knew I would argue and fight with moderators if I found my post being deleted. Hence, they blocked me from visiting and shut it down for the same reason.

Now, I don't really believe that Fergus has that kind of money and power to do so. Yes, he was one of top profolio managers in that world famous and trustworthy investment company but he was not all that just yet. His bosses, the super fatcat, on the other hand, probably had gained many politician and some directors of intelligent agencies friends right before and after the financial crisis! Therefore, make your own wild guess...

Don't really believe Wewon is Fergus, tho! It could be Lisa! Otherwise, just a cyber army of the corrupt agency! What do you think?!

Monday, March 13, 2017

JYPE/KPOP, The Scapegoat, Working Hard For the Dirty Money From Corrupt Agency

From my previous post, we know that the corrupt agency has started using DEW attacking my heart directly.

KPOP, especially JYPE/MBC. has been hired as the corrupt agency's advocate and scapegoat after I had an online debate with them over their dirty promotional scandal.

JYPE has been laundering the dirty money from the corrupt agency through their new girl puppet group, TWIC, and some other groups' endless new comeback crappy albums. ( 2PM & TWICE and the rest of their bands)

Although, I couldn't tell exactly if it's sponsored by my old crush's super fatcat boss in the name of investment or it's from the part of federal budget of the corrupt agency from every tax payers' pockets, KPOP/JYPE has been paid and doing their online dirty works is a fact!

I will keep collecting evidences (or coincidences, whatever you want to put it...) that JYPE/KPOP has been syncing the corrupt agency's illegal DEW human experiment on me.

This is what I got from JYPE's paid trolls message boards, Onehallyu, at their puppet's official thread today.

 JYPE's puppets, or his b*tches (don't blame me on this! That's what JYP has tried to imply in public by holding some little puppies on his Twitter while promoting this girl group in 2015! I will post some snip shots of it if I could find it later!)

Edit: Got it! J.Y.Park's Twitter post on Sept/21/2015 (The time, Sixteen, the TWICE promotional TV program, final episode was air.)
Some one re-tweeted JYPE's B*TCH tweet!
And his Instagram of him playing his little b*tch at the same time...when TWICE debuted!

   From 2:18 to 2:20

NO, I haven't finished just yet...
 Meet the paid troll! Not sure if it's a cyber army from the corrupt agency, tho!
I am not going to let them get away from making money off mocking me AND sabotaging me as paranoid maniac AT THE SAME TIME!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Is The Corrupt Agency Trying to Stupefy Me with Cannabis Smoke from Stalker's Apartments

 Now the weather is getting warmer every day. I thought I would have a better time since I bought a triple window fans in my bedroom. I changed my mind because the corrupt agency always knows how to torture and dismay their victims.

They are now letting their stalkers in "the Wall of Stalkers" smoking cannabis (marijuana) every evening covering by a strong fragrant of oriental incense. I couldn't do anything but have been forced to inhale cannabis smoke every night while my window fans blowing cool wind to cool down my abnormal hot room temperature heating by DEW.

 New Version of the "Wall of Stalkers"! NO wonder so many people won't hesitate to take part of this criminal operation of corrupt agency!
This is not the first time they tried to stupefy or poisoned me with cannabis (marijuana) smoke from the stalker next door. Sigh! It's a 10-years-long story since the Arcadia Mental Health Center helped me relocated with LA housing authority Section 8 in 2007...Of course, I didn't realize what happened until recently.

During past 10 years moved into 3 different apartments, I had two neighbors (didn't know they were stalkers, then.) The first one in El Monte was a Latino woman who lived next door to me looked decent and very nice. It was first year after I lived there 6 months. The lady started staying home and smoking marijuana every day!

Fortunately, my apartment was in the corner of building so, unlike others, the window facing parking lot but not facing hallway. All I need to do was using duck tape sealing the door frame so I won't be bothered by the smoke. I never made a sound about her habit. She moved out six months later. And the white Latino landlady sold the entire apartment complex to a Chinese lady by the end of my first year least up. Not sure why? (Now I believed that she didn't want to deal with the BS from the corrupt agency!)

The second lady next door smoking marijuana was a Chinese lady in Arcadia apartment who took care of her teenage son alone in America. I only saw a man came to visit her every once a while. I guess the man was her husband and had a job somewhere else. It's a long story. She started smoking marijuana about 3 months after I moved into the apartment right next to her.

The strange woman had a bed in her living room. She probably rent out their bedroom to other Chinese girl. She and her son slept in the living room with window and door wide opened. I often saw she lying on the bed with her son smoking marijuana! I am pretty sure that her teenage son inhaling it at the same time. She only did it during weekdays while most other neighbors were out for work or school. Not sure why her son didn't go to school, tho.

Unlike the El Monte apartment, this one all the windows facing hallway. I couldn't help but smelled the smoke all the time as she started it. I wasn't familiar with her and she never once came to talk to me. Therefore, in stead of complaining to my landlord or anyone else (calling cops?) I thought it's better writing her a note would make thing less complicate. So I wrote a short letter politely asking her to close window and door while smoking in her room. Yes, she opened her door as well while she smoking... It didn't make any sense to me or anyone. But now I know better, she did that on purpose.

It was summer time, and living upstairs could be even hotter. I was thinking about closing all the window and turned on the air condition but the marijuana smoke would got into my room. Hence, there's nothing I could do but hoped that she would come to her sense and did it secretly.

Later, my Singaporean landlord told me that woman took the note to show him. She told him that the thing she smoked was Chinese herbal medicine to numb her back pain 😏. She said she didn't need a crazy neighbor to harass her. My landlord took her complain as an excuse to evict me and told me he would give me four months to find another place.

 Majority tenants, including my landlord, in that apartments are from Asia where are extremely strict on drug law so they had very few experience encountering with drugs and related crime. All of them believed the woman's lie (or they were forced to  cooperated?) but I knew what marijuana smell like. My landlord asked me how did I know it's marijuana as if I had it before. I told him the Latino lady in my previous apartment and I asked other neighbor what it was. he still insisted I was the one doing wrong.

He threatened me that his son was a lawyer, and if I made a scene out of it, he would destroyed my rental credit and made sure I could never rent any place ever again in the U.S. I didn't understand why. Now, I believed that he had been harassed by the corrupt agency and forced to collaborate with them. Unlike my previous landlady just got rid of the entire apartments,  this landlord got scared too but decided to kick me out so he didn't have to deal with the corrupt agency any more.

Now, in this Monterey Park apartment, it's not Amy Garcia, the gale next door smoking weeds but is some random stalkers who take turn staying in the variety apartments of "the Wall of Stalkers"

It could have been Amy Garcia or her "boyfriend" doing marijuana if I built the protecting shield in the living room. I only go to the front part of   my apartment when I cooking or during hot summer that I have to stay in the living where my only air-condition is. Now I bought a triple window fans which makes my bedroom's temperature cooler than ever. Hence, I could stay in my bedroom in a hot day.

During the evening, they smoke marijuana in their building about 20 feet away from my bedroom's window. If I turned on the window fans, not only cold air but the smoke would comes in as well. What they doing now is using some oriental incense's  strong fragrant to cover up the marijuana due to the distance between the "wall of stalkers" and my bedroom window. They don't want to be too obvious to get caught by police or other neighbors.

 They want me to suffer form heat and my landlord had using all kind of excuse not to change my small air condition in the living room  to a bigger one. He just told me the plug's electrical vol isn't fit for any air condition bigger than current one?!

I asked to put the other one like he had done to Amy Garcia. He told me it wouldn't work and he changed it for 3 times. He's not going to put that kind of air con again. Fine, I asked him to put a small air-con in my bed room. He told me it will be interrupting the cars driving in and out? What the heck, I wonder how big the air-condition he was talking about exactly? (See the video above!)

 APT#2 Amy Garcia's advance, fancy air condition which has been upgraded for the third time within 3 years

 This is my only and small 10-years-old air condition in my apartment! And the lying crook still refused to upgraded it!

Amy Garcia's fancy air condition got upgraded again in last year October!

We know he's just one lying son of gun from my previous post. I won't even bother to argue with him. He might just ended up evicting me like the Arcadia landlord did to me if I push him to the limit. I gave up my hope on him long-long time ago!

I just wonder why the corrupt agency's prolonged stalkers next door always ended up smoking marijuana regularly on a daily base. Do they want me to inhale it involuntarily. In any case bad things happened, the law enforcement could always detect there's cannabis  in my system so they could make an excuse of anything  wrong happening to me in the future?! They could just used it as an excuse that  I was under the influence of drug (cannabis) and I had hallucination to cause all the trouble?

I either have to suffer from the DEW heat or inhale the cannabis covered by strong fragrant of oriental incense? One way or another, that's how the Devil wants to dance with you. You have no choice, you couldn't even try to skip one!

I don't want to dance with Devil at all, but the Devil wants to dance with me...

 “When you dance with the devil, you don't get to pick the tune.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Infinity

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

KPOP Is BlackMailing The Corrupt Agency?!

From today's Allkpop News,
2PM members milk a cow at an Australian zoo

We know how JYPE kept their new girl group coming back to suck out the money from their sponsor. Now the original trouble maker, Ok Taecyeon, and his 2PM teammates seemed to want their own share of this cake!

You might think it was just a coincidence and I have been paranoid if you didn't read through my Blogger. At least, you should read this one so you know how JYPE is choking on the corrupt agency's neck after they were recruited to play the advocate and scapegoat role.

 Well just switch "TWICE" to "2PM"

Not just groups or members within JYPE, itt seems like every KPOP industry business man wants a piece of it after they heard the story about how JYPE/Ok Taeceyon making a big fortune out of harassing a human experiment victim of this corrupt agency.

Gee! I wonder who have this kind of free money to toss away like they spending on my "project"?

 Of course, corrupt agency's director won't be Mr. Obama for sure! It's a LADY, according to 2PM's new album! They are milking a "cow" but not jerking an "ox"! -_-! Sorry!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

DEW Attacking Heart From My Back

In my previous post, I wrote
"Why I am so sure it's not nature cause, not even 0.01% possible? Because the sink irritation (red dot mark as always after DEW attacking.) Especially, the part of my rib cage is painful when I put a slight pressure on it. DEW couldn't just damage my heart without burning my skin and the rib cage above it! Any one ever heard a heart attacking patient also had the "surface" of heart damaged at the same time if it's a nature cause?"

Hence, they know that it would leave the evidence to prove that my heart failure in the future isn't nature cause if they keep using DEW to attack my heart through my front chest. This evening, they started attacking my heart through my back so my rib cage won't injured so obviously?

In the evening of 03/04/2017 around 5:50 PM I went out for grocery shopping to my local CVS store (within 5 minutes walking down to the hill) and bought some Thai food.
 The receive of CVS. the time was 6:33PM March 4, 2017 I know it probably can't prove anything but just showed you that I wasn't lying about being out for grocery shopping.

After done all shopping, I walled my way up to hill my home is around 6:30 PM. As expected, I knew I would get DEW attacking as always. I felt burned on my back yet my could hardly breath as if someone punched my chest where my heart is.

I felt a bit better when I stepped into my apartment. I guess with apartment roof and  up stair's apartment shielded me a bit. I still felt the little burned on my back. Regardless the technical difficulty, I decided to try my best to record how my back got burned by DEW with an old one side cellphone camera and the dark room (I intended to let my room dark so their CCTV couldn't see me too well?!)

Anyway, apology for the videos quality and unpleasant "visual pollution." These videos are supposed to be DEW victimized physical injured evidence.

The DEW injured result on the back within one hour. TBH, I don't know which part of skin irritation should be the most resent DEW injured result.

I felt like someone has punched my chest while I was walking up to the hill where my apartment is. But had the burning feeling on my back at the same time. I knew right there that DEW attacking is more server than when I am in the house.

In this case, DEW  has nothing to do with the sun light but more to do with the cloud! It's a clear none-cloudy night! And I got burned outside of my house so my stalking neighbors have no control of DEW operation.

My stalking neighbors are there just to misguide me to make me think that they are the one who operating the DEW attacking me. I never believe they have DEW in the apartment either! I just believe they are monitoring my location and my every move in my apartment!

I have been burned by DEW all over my body imperceptibly through years. I don't even how long the corrupt agency has been starting this to my body. My recognition was warned by Ok Taecyeon's Twitter in Oct. 2013. Thanks to him, otherwise, I would never believe what have happened to me but thinking all the discomforts and illness were caused by nature.