Saturday, October 22, 2016

The 711th Urging Me To See A Doctor...To Finish Their Research Report?

Sigh! My next door full-time stalker, Amy Garcia, and her boyfriend on annual vacation now. Upstairs grave-yard shift monitor, Eric C. Stone, comes home during day time to cover for Amy Garcia.

I was burned hard by "unknown heat resource"  yesterday early morning before  the DOCTOR Eric Stone left his "office". He came home this morning. It will be a long "hot" day...

So those cyber armies have been crawling around their scapegoats' fan site started pushing the button trying to provoke and remind me to see a doctor after they gave me a heavy dosage of DEW yesterday! They seem desperate to have the accurate digit of my complete blood count! They DO care about my well-being?! Meh, it's for their lab's research report

Here comes my sweet and beautiful home girl, again!
JYPE's paid troll site
Well, who I am complain her who did this to her country and people out of ambition?

Can you  blame me for being  paranoia about some research labs running a human experiment on me after those stalkerish cyber armies have shown  such obvious attempt constantly and persistently!

I will write an article about why I point finger at AFRL in my Blogger later!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Got DEW Shot Right On My Neck and Chest While I Was In Sleep

I went to sleep around 3:00 am on Oct. 21, 2016 Pacific Time.  I was exhausted after posting my last Bing Blogger. I fell into deep sleep right after I crawling into my iron boards seal place (after years of DEW burned, I need to do something to protect myself while I was in deep sleep.) I slept and woke up this morning around 9:00 AM. I found my chest was burned and my throat was hurt and swollen. I immediately took a look through the mirror and found I have been server burned by both DEW laser pointer (the red dot) and beam (bigger area of my chest and throat burned)!

 Sorry the photos directly uploaded from my computer aren't any better than the videos! Duh..Google! They blurted my photos as well!

 Sorry about the quality of photos due to they are taken by my old cellphone and upload through Bluetooth.  And the YouTube video are even worse since they have been blurting all my video evidences purposely! Sorry I don't know how to adjust to the right rotation through YouTube. So you need to watch it from different angels!

The three layers of iron boards that I use to protect myself while I was in deep sleep were dented in the same spots. I will show them in another videos in the same playlist.

Those iron boards are about 72 inches long, I am 5 foot tall which is 60 inches tall. I sleep under the board to protect myself. The dent of the board is around 23 to 24 inches away from the head top against the wall. It was the position where exactly my neck and chest were while I was sleeping this morning.

The video below is to show you that  3 layers of iron board protections were dented with on long, hard DEW pointer shot. The red dot of my chest was injured by the laser pointer which went through 3 layers of iron boards while I was in deep sleep
Due to my poor old cellphone camera won't have a good result, I use some magnets to point out the same size of dents those iron boards got in the same position.

 Beside the 3 layers of iron boards, I had my legless sofa on my right side which face the window in the living room. I used a red sleeping bag put on the back of the black sofa to bright my living room.

The DEW laser beam burned a big hole of sleeping bad on the surface where my head and neck was beside it while I sleep under cover.

Check out the video below how the sleeping bag was burned through inside how the laser beam burned through the inside plastic cotton like a tunnel. Just another evidence I want to show you I indeed have been attacked by DEW laser beam.

I have created an YouTube Channel for my neck and chest server burned by DEW laser pointer and laser beam this early morning on October 21st, 2016.

Furthermore, the reckless and lawless KPOP and cyber army who working for the "DEW executing corrupt agency" are arrogant as always. They certainly won't miss the opportunity to demonstrate their power and what they are capable to do anything to me without the need to face any consequence. Nevertheless, as sneaking rats as always, they won't ever dare to face me but went to their scapegoat's website through some young girls who know nothing ... Bunch of Coward!

The scapegoat's website showed this photo and others this morning.

  Those girls have been taught well. see the three girls in the middle with turtle neck Jackie. Others without turtle neck up were tended to hided their faces from camera in order to emphasized "turtle necks" should be up!

And their cyber army YouTube/Google isn't idle handy either, YouTube love mocking elderly and bully at weaker as always

Check out what they recommended to me this morning...
What do you expected from Sergent Tom and GI Joe THE CYBER ARMY although they could be even more vulgar as I had one before like this...

 Yap! GI Joe from 711th I would guess!

The Corrupt Officials Are Trying To Frame Me As Chinese Spy?

This morning I found I have been server injured by UNKNOWN HEAT SUBJECT (DEW?)! After my finished my last post was about 3:00 AM 10/21/2016 Pacific Time, I was exhausted and fell in deep sleep till this morning around 9:00 AM. I have tried my best to collect evidence as many as possible. I will put them all together and post it later!

I would like to talk about I might have been framed as a Chinese spy by the organization which started hacking, stalking, and harassing me in the first place. I didn't have a slice idea until the later of 2015. Ok Taecyeon's paid trolls posted an image of Uncle Sam pointing his finger after I post something regarding DEW and Ok Taecyeon's father was possibility an ex spy (it was my theory and opinion) in my Chinese Webo Blog!

Why not my home country, Taiwan? Because Taiwan's economic has been down and about, not to mention the political issue.  Taiwanese public opinions have no influence to South Korea whatsoever! South Koreans won't give a rat about Taiwan! That 's the reason I wouldn't bother to start anything in Taiwanese internet!

I sensed something wasn't right so I stopped signing in and stopped posting in my Chinese Webo page and blog! Yet from the message that corrupt agency trying to send mr through Firefox (Mozilla) these few days, the damage has been done! I probably have been on the blacklist of Chinese spy in all Federal Agencies!

 So what message Firefox are trying to send me if the message editor is one of those "Cyber Army" Who knows every little detail and moves of my online active since like day 1?

To others, it might be just some clueless promotional tactics from Firefox. But to me, its a threat, an warning from corrupt agency's cyber army. You will understand my situation if you have read the entire my bloggers from the beginning!

I know once you became a suspect on the blacklist of any Federal agency, like CIA, FBI, and NSA, they will never leave you alone. They will try everything they could to prove that you are guilty as charged so they didn't waste tax payer's money and they are well deserve to be in their position because they have done such a great job to catch traitors and spies in the United State of America!

Nevertheless, I believe I have the right and responsibility to tell my side of story in order to clean my name and defend myself with or without the recognition of any U.S. Federal Agency. 

So here's my side of story why I, a Taiwanese, have been suspected as Chinese Spy by U.S. Agency.

If you have read my blogs thoroughly, you should have known that I had been silenced and stayed away from KPOP since I first found out that I had been caught by Ok Taecyeon/JYPE's hackers through my twitter account and my acknowledge during the late of 2013. As an ordinary netizen and old woman living by herself, I certainly was scared to death and thought that they would eventually go away if I behaved myself for so long. 

However, the truth told me otherwise. It was a wishful thinking that they will go away because of their endless DEW burning torturing didn't stop no matter how I restrained myself from posting anything online for longer than 8 months. A server burned of my ear and hair woke me up one day so I decided to fight back and exposed Ok Taecyeon's crime. 

I started collecting evidence by taking picture of any objects that were burned and left burned marks! I also called my local police about how Ok Taecyeon hired hackers and stalkers to invade my privacy. Yet my local police told me that it wasn't there job to investigate privacy crime and they referred me to IC3 to filing a formal complain about Ok Taecyeon. So I did! It was around June 2014, a year after I had online conflict with Ok Taecyeon. Unfortunately, I didn't know how server trouble I had been got into and didn't know the snipping tool function so I didn't collect the evidence of my first formal complain to IC3 in 2014. 

Of course, I never heard anything from IC3 like dropping needle into the pacific ocean, I never expected a lot from IC3, tho! So I moved on to FBI and filed complain and wrote the entire process of the privacy crime in FBI informer page- FBI Forms-- TIPS
Never got any respond from them as well.

The next step I did was trying to expose their criminal action through online message boards where I used to post and ask question. The first message board I post was message boards. After finished posting there. I posted the same draft in a new legal advice forum- ExperLaw.(it has been "compromised", unfortunately!) 

I started this thread Can Celebrities Investigate Their Fans at 12:47PM on July, 4th 2014.

Of curse, with the huge power and money of corrupt agency (now I know it's not just Ok Taecyeon/JYPE) and cyber army like 711th's level, my thread was going nowhere in that nameless small message! 

However, message boards was ONE of the most popular forums before "financial crisis" from 2008 to 2012. I had post many threads telling some detail stories between my old crush (Mr. Fergus M., the fat cat)  and I in their relationship broads for years since 2006. I expected my controversial thread will get countless responds and bashes then. I underestimated Ok Taecyeon/JYPE's capability ( yeah, now I know it's not just them...) message boards was crashed right after I posted my story there. They didn't even try to fix it till a year later! Oh, the member "Billy six3" wasn't me!

 Again, I didn't snipping shot of "the crash message" right then from the message boards was because I didn't know there's a tool called Snipping Shot!


They decided to wipe the entire message boards out in April, 2016 since I hadn't given up on fighting them back and they're too many evidences to prove that Fergus M. had hired cyber army hacking, stalking, and harassing me before I even knew anything about KPOP (I had posted there since 2006..) 

No, they are not just closed the entire message boards, they wiped it out without a trace! So there's no evidence to prove that Fergus M., my old crush, had hired hackers stalking me online!

I thought it was because Ok Taecyeon's father, a former Chief of South Korea Police Department which is equal to U.S. the director of FBI then. And they were migrated to the U.S. for a long time during Ok Taecyeonn's childhood. I might need to give up on American message boards.

Finally, I am going to the point why those corrupt agencies could frame me as a Chinese spy.

After I found out I didn't have many options to expose Ok Taecyeon's crime in America both in the real life and cyber world. I didn't think American media would give me a chance either. The only place I could think of was "China"! Well, Chinese is my first language and Chinese has been so rich and powerful that even South Korea has to respect and fear for them. I thought KPOP won't be able to make any influence on Chinese website but other way around, I might have chance to defeat and destroy Ok Taecyeon/JYPE through the enormous number of Chinese netizens. Of course, I thought it was just the war between Ok Taecyeon/JYPE and their fellow KPOP collaborators. 

I thought it's something personal but KPOP tried to turn it into a war between me and the entire KPOP industry due to fear the exposing of their shameless promotional tactics KPOP has been playing all the time. Of course, again, now I know it wasn't just KPOP industry!

I signed up an Webo (Chinese Google+ now) account and started blogging and telling my victimized by Ok Taeyceon's experience. Nothing really about politic. I did mention that I suspected something fishy about Ok Tecyeon's father and their relocation to the U.S. to prove that Ok Taecyon had powerful politicians backing him up so he's daring to do anything even its illegal in South Korea. I was just trying to emphasize that Ok Taecyon is not ordinary KPOP artist to Chinese netizens. 

I wouldn't have had anything with China if I knew the U.S. corrupt agency had been involving in my case. Now they have an excuse to accuse me as a suspect of Chinese spy because of my Chinese Webo Blog and social network page! I am not guilty of anything. They can come to me in person and investigate me openly to public if I was really guilty as charged. Yet, they choose to let their cyber army giving hint of me being a traitor so they could be entitled of torturing me?! 

Now, you will know what I have been through and to the level I would have to ask Chinese netizens to help me to defeat Ok Taecyeon, who I thought the only enemy I had, but not because I had tried to put the U.S. in danger in order to revenge Ok Taecyeon. I did no such thing! I immediately stopped signed in Chinese sites once I realized the U.S. government had involved. I didn't know my mess is sooo deep!

Talking about torturing. I will post how I got torture and assaulting by their new developed secret tools in my next post. Stay tooned!

JYPE Conspiracy Crime in Act with Corrupt State Agency's Back

From my last two post, and this, I pointed out and accused that Ok Taceyon/JYPE have been involved with the criminal organization which has been hacking, stalking and harassing me since Oct. 2013. Today, as the Devil's advocate/scapegoat, they did it again just to "despite" me without concerning any consequence might come to them later!

It proves that they have got some "really strong backs" behind them so they are daring to be so furious and reckless!
See how JYPE used their vulnerable girls to post some proving photo to respond my previous post accusing DEW and other assault causing hair lost...

I post the evidence just to show you that JYPE/Ok Taecyeon and their fellow cyber army are not only  arrogant, but also with attitude of lawless and despotic! Regardless if their sponsor is some sort of governmental organization of any country, stalking and harassing "innocent citizen" is a criminal action. They will be impeached if their unjustified criminal action is caught with evidence. South Korea should have the similar law if I wasn't wrong...

If Ok Taecyeon/JYPE and their sponsors/collaborators thinking they can be free of consequence just because they didn't do anything "directly" to me...they are WRONG. Even though they are just excusing what their sponsors told them to stalking and harassing and threatening. JYPE  have violated the law by committing Conspiracy
Crime and Inchoate offenses (since I am not dead yet and FBI is covering their criminal action without even checking on them..)

Conspiracy Crime:

 Inchoate offenses:
 On a second thought...I know my blogs have been blocked from viewers of South Korea because I never have a single South Korean viewer since I started Blogging from blog viewer check. Could it be that Ok Taecyeon/JYPE and any of their  S. Korean collaborators are just doing something according to their sponsors' order! ? Just another scapegoats, all they care is about MONEY without any legal sense at all?! Hence, both JYPE and its sponsors are committing a crime called "Solicitation" in the U.S.

From my understanding, they have committed one more criminal count with or without  notice of their criminal action! Yap, JYPE and its collaborators are criminals whatsoever!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Scapegoats Are Now Working Their Behinds Off To Cover For Criminal Organization

The scapegoats/Devil's advocate are now working their behinds off  after my last blog exposing how those perpetrators using DEW harass/assaulting their victims (ME, for one) yesterday October, 18 2016 Pacific Time. What they are trying to do is distracting my focus on the instigator of this crime action, my old crush Fergus M., and the corrupt officials from AFRL. Every time I blog about these two subjects, Ok Taecyeon/JYPE's paid trolls (they might be AFRL's 711th) will work like crazy mocking me to claim their crime.

From my last blog, I explained how the corrupt U.S. agency's cyber army using JYPE's promotional website trolling and threatening me. I also post some pictures of my feet getting burned by DEW while I was in deep sleep. It was no longer than 20 hours ago. This morning I found their paid trolls post this image to mock me

 One of their girls, MOMO,  loves to eat BBQ pork feet (you can check their fansite here)

 This just one of example of JYPE claiming the crime:
Every time my feet or legs got server attack by DEW, with or without my complaining blog and photo evidence...

JYPE' would post their  pig feet eater girl, Momo eating pig feet! It's not only mocking me but also claiming the crime at the same time! Not once, not twice, but on many, many occasions!

 Twice Momo: Lovers of jokbal appear on The Capable Ones

That's how the scapegoat claiming the crime covering for the real crime. JYPE was facing server financial crisis before 2013. By the end of 2013 right after I had online debate with Ok Taecyeon out of "WGMGE" promotional hoax in a Chinese message board, they suddenly became more active in 2014 with all those "have-been" old groups yet they failed. In 2015, they started a new survivor show and successfully promote a brand new girl group with one member from my country. They knew she will get my attention!

JYPE didn't have the resources to start anything during their financial crisis yet they suddenly got all the things they need, money, media playing, and foreign affair  (this one is deeper than you could think of..) JYPE is like there is something huge behind pushing them go further and further... It was the corrupt officials organization behind JYPE. I don't know exactly which one but it was my old crush's doing to get my name on their target list in the first place.

AFRL? They probably just got on the bus in the half way to get a cheap ride and share the risk of their corrupt action could be exposed in the future...

TBH, I don't want to get here! Who wants to be the enemy of the state? But some free riders just don't seem want to get off the bus and they don't have any sense of facing the consequence. Their entitlement of abusing and torturing innocent victims is the main reason that I kept posting my story here even though I knew my online post might have been blocked from viewing by public...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

One Example Of The Daily DEW (Laser Point) Torturinga I Have Had For Years

And the muscle under was hurt as well...

I started noticing that I have been abused by "unknown heat resource" was about 2 months after the KPOP idol Ok Taecyeon ,who I had online debt with in 2013, announced that he had caught me through his twitter.

 The few old ladies with platok images just give you the hint what Ok Taecyeon's twitter photo was about

He had already warned me that he would haunt me down but I didn't really care for whatever he had said then. This twitter finally got my attention and ...

Near the end of October, 2013. A young couples moved into next door, aka Amy Garcia (not knowing if its her real name.) 

For about 2 months, her boyfriend (name unknown around 25 years old) who didn't have job, stayed at home for about 2 months. He was in and out their apartment EVERY 10 TO 5 MINUTES all the time. The security gate making the noise all day long! I thought the guy has some sort of COD that 's why he couldn't stay still but had to walk in and out.

Now after 3 years of  observing, I know that  he was scouting around collecting information about the neighborhood's schedule... Of curse, he and the gal were sent to monitor me 24/7, now I know!


 The surface of my desk was burned and melted while I was suffered by the DEW attacking, through the wall and it probably came from the apartment next building.

I used to sat in front of desk face the wall playing the video games with my laptop in my living room (the first few second showed in the video)! But after the piano girl's family,  who lived on the 2nd floor of next building,  moved out and Amy Garcia moved in next door, I started feeling unnatural heat burning my fort head and hair. I eventually got what Ok Taecyeon's toy line commercials were trying to tell me...

 Yeap! Bewared of HEAT! That's what Ok Taecyeon was trying to tell me! Later, of course, I have been moving around my desk and rearranged my whole furniture all the time and thought I could at least reduce the heat of DEW attack a bit but I was wrong!

DEW is a high tech weapon, who I am kidding to...From the first picture, you can see the skin spots! They are all pointing burned from "DEW" accumulating for years. I don't like sun tan and my shoulder probably never really met the sun directly. Hence, my skin was always clear never had block spot but now within 3 years of DEW torture I started getting all kind of skin irritation look alike... Thank you, Fergus, my old crush! Oh I don't know if I should thank to Ok Taecyeon for warning me or not...

I won't post all my injuries all the time because it got old and I got tired..I post it today just to let people know that when they started using DEW, they will never stop... 

BTW, no DEW didn't blew a hole on the wall,  for better or worse (no trace left for DEW assaulting evidence that matter...) This is the reason:

I am so tired to put on a link regarding it, but ...yes, DEW can go through all the materials without leaving a trace to cook you alive if you were trapped or tied up. Due to difficult financial situation and I knew they would find me no matter how hard I try so I won't even bother trying to run from them!

They once put on low-heat locking on my knee to track me through whatever new developed "tool" (ask Google satellite if you really want to know...)  like Air Force tracking enemy's air craft and following. Imagine after 45 minuets of bus ride with low-heat laser beam locking on your knee, I couldn't even stand up when I ready to off the bus! They used air craft tracking weapon on my poor knee for 45 minutes! I first didn't realize what was going on. I thought it was just my knee has been aged and it was all natural cause!

But later I found every time I wake up with my knees were burned and couldn't stand up, I finally realize that it's like they burned my hair, front head. They have been following me everywhere I went. The stalkers get to choice which part of my body they want to burn like little kid set ants and animals on fire. Most of time, they prefer to burn the joint part of the bones.

 This was the first day morning when I wake up 

 A few hours later, my feet all swelling

Some time their scapegoats, like Ok Taecyeon/JYP will post certain body part through their paid-trolls site, I knew that part of my body is going to be burned.

For example: JYP/Ok Taecyoen used their young idols post picture like this last year.

 The picture in the lower one was their young artist post a picture of the back of her head. After next few weeks, they kept burning my scalp. I lost lots of hair in the same spot of the heart shape on her head. The picture above was a week later.

The picture on the left was taken on 12/12/2015. The picture on the right was taken on 12/24/2015. See the shape of my hair lost part?! They tried to draw a heart shape bold spot on my head like that girl showed in the picture.

 Three weeks later
Some JYPE/Ok Taecyeon's sponsor probably paid some extra money to stalker in order to make them doing something more on me. Those long-term stalkers (Amy Garcia and her boyfriend or Eric Stone) will sneak into my apartment when I went out (my landlord gave them the duplicate one) they put some harmful stuff like bleach or strong chemical toilet cleanser into my shampoo and conditioner. I found out later (smell and texture like strong chemical solution..) and became very caution about all the toilet products in my house. My hair finally stopped dropping like crazy.

I wasn't sure if Ok Taeyceon ordered it or the corrupt federal organization told them to post those pictures, nevertheless, Ok Taecyeon/ JYPE are definitely part of this stalking/harassing/assaulting crime. At least, they have been playing Devil's advocate!

If you think it's horrible, checking out my older posts! They have done something even worse to my body and there's no way I could hide from their high tech DEW!

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Same 711th's Cyber Army Is Back On JYPE's Paid Troll Site ?!

 The snap shot from JYPE (the scapegoat) paid troll site today!

Oh! I remember it! The old-woman beater Iron Man from my older post : Another Chest-Beating Online Harassment From Sneaking Rats! 

 The same iron-man maniac paid-troll came back with another account! Why at this timing? Perhaps, the main reason is because of my recent post : Back To The Square One: AFRL's 711th Union?! 
And the other reason is that I haven't visited any doctor for a very long time after I started doubting about my doctor of the local health center.
 This show you how urgent and desperate they want me to see their informer doctor right now! They are behind the schedule!

Why? Because those lab researchers need my physical and blood test results from their informer doctors (well, pretty much every doctor who work for any health system connecting with public health system,) so they could make their research reports on schedule! 

Obviously, those provoking cyber army who crawling all over my frequently visiting websites and message boards are trying to scare me to make me worry about my health and have to visit my doctor frequently. The more  frequent health reports they get from me, the more accurate their research reports could be! 

I did try to avoid those scapegoats' (such as Ok Taecyeon/JYPE's websites) but cyber army kept following me everywhere I go. For example, I once stopped visiting or watching anything from South Korea (KPOP) but only visiting Taiwanese website. They will put ads about cancers and all kind of health warning information in that particular website. It tended to keep reminding me that I need to see a doctor to check on my health. 

Perhaps, what the corrupt agency want from me is their DEW experiment test result! All they have tried to do is sending me a hidden message that "go to see your doctor! You are in danger!" 

Therefore, if I am a victim of any kind of illegal action that involving some federal agency. As a healthy middle age woman without any bad habit nor involving any criminal action, the only thing they want from me and could get from me is my body (NOT THE OTHER WAY, THO...) to  their living human experiment!